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At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS™, we believe that today’s consumers appreciate the value of purchasing products that are constructed from quality materials. Our CABLE WINE SYSTEMS™ wine racking system is comprised of only the finest quality of stainless steel cable and chromed solid brass connecting clamps and tension mounts, making it one of the finest quality wine racking systems available on the market.

Wine Racks Canada
Wine Racks Canada


The versatility of CABLE WINE SYSTEMS™ wine racking surpasses all other wine storage solutions in that it accommodates the widest variety of bottle shapes and sizes and can also be assembled to meet customer preferences in regards to bottle spacing and/or positioning. Floating shelves or angled displays can also be added for additional interest and appeal.

Our goal is to create timeless and stunning wine racks that will become a great addition to your home - Steve Papadimitriou

The Cable Wine System

Here are the parts you will need to get started.

Double Side Clamp

Right Side Clamp

Left Side Clamp

Ball Cable

Tension Set

Wine Racks Canada


See how the CABLE WINE SYSTEM™ compares to more traditional racking options.


Take a look at our gallery to see how our wine racks could look in your home.

Wine Racks Canada

Wine Racking System

Our system is the most versatile and sophisticated wine racking system available on the market.

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Cable Wine Systems