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Not long ago, two men each opened a bottle of their own Domaine Eden Pinot Noir from Mount Eden Vineyards in California – the same wine served at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding this past May. These two men were very alike. Both had achieved success in business and lived in Toronto’s Rosedale neighborhood, an affluent area home to some of the city’s wealthiest residents.

But there was a difference. One man retrieved his bottle from his basement in the cardboard case he had purchased it in. He drank the wine at his kitchen table, which was comfortable but otherwise ordinary.

The other man fetched his bottle from its assigned place in his customized wine system, which showcased his complete collection on stainless steel cable racks encased in frameless glass. He enjoyed his nightcap from a plush leather club chair in his bespoke wine lounge.

The result was the difference between drinking an average glass of wine and a luxury sipping experience.

It’s not that the first man lacked the means to have the same experience as the second. He simply lacked the knowledge that a superior way to enjoy his wine existed.

Sometimes the only difference lies in knowledge – what each person knows and how they make use of that information.

It’s not hard to see why luxury cable wine racking is known – and loved – by collectors and connoisseurs the world over. Below are five top features:

Minimalist and Modern Design

Chromed brass clamps accent high quality stainless steel cables for a look of understated elegance that showcases the bottles themselves. Clean lines, floor to ceiling glass, and accent lighting create a look that is functional, stylish, and deliberate.

The minimalist design creates the illusion of bottles being suspended in mid-air, making it a popular choice for visually open wine rooms and lounges. The overall look is sleek, uncluttered, and updated.

This design also allows for excellent label visibility regardless of where bottles are situated within the system. A desired bottle can be easily accessed from any row or column without having to disturb or remove any other bottles, maintaining continuous airflow and optimal temperatures throughout the collection.


When storing wine long term, it is important that bottles are kept still. Vibrations are the enemy – they can have a huge effect on quality, flavors, aromas, and texture. Secure cable racking helps reduce minor vibrations and keep bottles from spoiling.

When properly stored, the quality of wine can be preserved or even improved. Over time, a well-preserved wine can develop a richer, more complex flavor. Proper temperature and humidity levels must be maintained to ensure that wine matures successfully.

Cable racking can also be customized to securely accommodate bottles of various shapes and sizes (from 500ml to 1500ml), which is convenient when rare bottles from specialty vineyards are acquired.

Custom Design

As cable racking is hand-assembled, adjustments can be made to accommodate particular positioning preferences that result in highly original, one-of-a-kind displays.

Serious collectors also favor cable racking since it can be scaled to accommodate even the most extensive collections. Technology is often used to assist in coordinating and categorizing these vast collections for short, medium, and long-term maturation.

The flexible nature of cable racking also makes it perfect for unique spaces like narrow hallways or underneath staircases. Custom features like accent lighting, floating shelves, and angled bottle displays can completely transform an unremarkable space into a truly stunning showcase.

The New Kitchen

It has been said that the wine room is “the new kitchen” – the space where guests gravitate to mingle and chat during parties and get-togethers. With seating, lighting, and often even sound systems (not to mention the bottles themselves), wine rooms are an ideal space for entertaining.

Just as stainless steel appliances are a staple of high-end kitchen designs, stainless steel cable wine racking is a must for serious collectors with sophisticated style preferences.

Legendary Luxury

Life is too short to drink bad wine, as the adage goes, and we couldn’t agree more. We also believe that fine wines should never be stored out of sight in a dark cellar. A curated collection – small or large – deserves to be displayed with style and intention.

As such, luxury cable wine racking is the essential storage system for distinguished collectors and connoisseurs. Sleek, sophisticated, and superior to other storage options, cable wine racking is a selection that truly matches the opulence of a fine wine collection and the lifestyle of a true oenophile.

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