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Thanks to technological innovations and the constant search for knowledge, the world is dynamic, and wine storage is no exception. Over a decade ago, it was the norm to have heavy-duty wooden shelves against the wall serve as cellars. Today, however, the system is changing and adjusting to accommodate new cable wine racking systems in bid to eliminate some of the challenges with the traditional wine cellars.
Introducing the Cable Wine Racking System
Our cable wine racking systems are a phenomenal invention of functionality, appeal and durability, and they are changing the wine industry forever. 
Cable wine racks are built with functionality and aesthetics in mind. These racks don’t just hold your wine in place. They do so in the most aesthetic manner possible, making your wine collection look like a trophy room or wall, plus, they keep the products in optimal conditions, little wonder why our cable wine systems are sold internationally
 Types of Racks We Offer 
At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, we are very particular about the type of products we let into the market. We ensure that our products speak of our commitment towards better wine storage hence the referrals and widespread demand.
Below are some of our cable racks:

  1. Custom wine racks

The sole purpose of our custom wine racking system is to meet your taste and serve effectively as a storage area for your collector bottles. Wherever you choose to place your custom wine rack is perfectly fine. After all, that is what it was built for. 

  1. Contemporary wine racks

These racks are built to change the way you stack up your wine. Built from metal, these wine racks are the perfect fit for your home as they come with a touch of versatility, quality and sophistication. If you are looking for a rack that will exude your class and taste, then perhaps the contemporary wine racks are for you. These racks understandably sell internationally.  

  1. Metal wine racking

Talk about luxury, functionality and durability. That’s what our metal wine racking is all about. We have built the most exquisite rack you can find in the market from pure steel materials to ensure a long-lasting, durable and flexible wine racking solution. Clients from all over the world contact us for this sturdy wine racking solution, especially in more unforgiving terrain.
What’s Unique about Our Racks and Why You Should Get One

  1. Quality 

Our racks are built from the finest of materials possible. We put together the best materials possible to create functional, yet beautiful wine racks. 

  1. Functionality and versatility 

Our racks are very functional and equally versatile as they can hold in wine bottles of different shapes, weights, and sizes. You never again have to worry about the size of the bottle or its shape, or even its weight for that matter. 

  1. Durability 

Cable wine system racks are built to last six lifetimes. This is visible with regards to the kind of materials that we use, the technology which goes into building them, as well as the care taken during the installation process. We offer you the best of the best when it comes durability. 
Get a wine rack from us today. It would be the best of the decision you can make. Even your wine bottles will love it and thank you for it.

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