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Wine connoisseurs and liquor enthusiasts alike appreciate the importance of a reliable cellar and an equally dependable wine racking system to store, preserve and even enrich their collections. CABLE WINE SYSTEMS offers an innovative and sophisticated option befitting any wine collector’s dreams. Curious about this up-and-coming international company? Here’s what you need to know:

From Humble Beginnings to Extraordinary Recognition

Originating from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, CABLE WINE SYSTEMS presents a stylish organisation solution for any wine collection, no matter how big or small. When it started in 2011, it has developed a premium way to store these bottles aside from the wood and metal racks we see in traditional settings. Its excellence in design and build garnered attention in various sectors. The company has been slowly gaining ground by participating in Toronto’s Interior Design Show in 2012 and the World of Luxury showcase at the 2015 Annual Meet for the Rolls-Royce Owners’ Club (RROC).
Its fame is not only confined in other parts of Canada and is gaining traction in North America and other parts of the world. In fact, their products have penetrated the U.K. market through a partnership with Wines Cellar Design, a storage design and construction company based in London.

Untapped Potential

With its popularity reaching new heights in North America and its gradual entry into the various worldwide market, CABLE WINE SYSTEMS has immense potentials for gaining global fame and recognition. The revolutionary nature of their products gives them an enormous edge over conventional competitors. Their racks feature elegant designs with ergonomic builds that are guaranteed to satisfy the aesthetic and functional requirements of any collector.
Aside from their efforts to accommodate modern collectors’ needs, they also place significant priority to the new generation of connoisseurs: Millennials. Their willingness to adapt to changing demands and demographics is perhaps one of the best qualities of the company. With their recognition of the tastes, preferences and sensibilities of Millennials as consumers, the company shows their passion not only for the wine industry but also for the service they provide to their clients.

What It Offers the World

The various services the company offers are known for its first-class quality. From floating cable racks to metal ones, they present an option for individuals with contemporary taste in aesthetic. Their storages provide a luxurious vibe, whilst catering to current trends including minimalism and modern designs.
Specialising in customised racking systems, they extend a valuable option for collectors based on their needs and preferences. People with a smaller cellar can benefit from the minimalistic feature of these shelves, whilst those who have bigger areas can create a roomier space for guests and loved ones to enjoy.
The wide range of services CABLE WINE SYSTEMS has to offer are indeed a worthwhile addition to any collection. With its versatility and eagerness to revolutionise, the company is fast approaching global popularity. For customers, prospective buyers and connoisseurs this signals a new era of luxury racking that fits the modern taste.

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