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As wine collectors, you know that bottles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Being able to manage these different bottle sizes is something that may be problematic if you aren’t equipped with a wine racking system capable of accommodating such a variety.
This is not an issue at Cable Wine Systems. Our custom wine racks are versatile enough to manage nearly any sized bottle. It’s become part of what has led to our award-winning wine racking system that has helped better serve oenophiles all over the world.

Different Wine Bottle Sizes

When considering your wine collection, you don’t necessarily wonder whether a bottle will actually fit into your wine rack; it is likely assumed. However, the reality is that many wine racks are built strictly or primarily to handle the standard 750 mL bottles.
Many varieties of wine, such as Sauvignon, Merlot, Bordeaux, are typically three inches in diameter—perfect for any wine rack. But what about the atypical wine bottles that you may find in stores or at vineyards? There are roughly three varying bottle shapes and sizes that need to be accommodated.
custom wine racks
Wide Wine Bottles
Wide bodied bottles are about 3.5 inches in diameter at the bottom and have sloped shoulders. Wines such as Chardonnay and Pinot noir fit neatly in this category, however, due to their wider shape it can make them a bit more difficult to store.
Large Format Bottles
Large-format bottles or “magnums” are typically 1.5 L and are often made by wineries that want to showcase a particular collection or vintage. The size and unique shape of these bottles often make them difficult to store in individual wine racks, as they can reach over four inches in diameter.
Taller Wine Bottles
Taller bottles, such as Riesling or Alsace bottles, typically have long slender bodies and necks. Due to the elongated shape, you may find that these bottles protrude or stick out in a typical wine rack and don’t have an ideal fit.

Custom Wine Racks from Cable Wine Systems

Cable Wine Systems removes all of the guesswork. Our custom wine racks are able to be adjusted to fit bottles of any size or shape. We use high-quality stainless steel cables with chromed brass clamps, which are versatile enough and durable enough to meet even the most seasoned collector’s expectations.
In addition to the sophistication and practicality of our wine rack system, its minimalist nature offers homeowners the ability to incorporate wine racking as a part of the home’s decor. The versatility of the design allows the wine racking system to be placed nearly anywhere in the home.
Oenophiles looking for advice on how to store their collection or looking to change their current storing system can contact us for more information. One of our experts will explain the precise advantages of installing a custom wine rack from Cable Wine Systems.

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