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Installing commercial wine racks and displays for your restaurant, wine bar or wine lounge that is luxurious and appealing to the most discerning eye, can drive wine sales and profits.

Wine racks may be used to meet home needs a lot more frequently, this doesn’t make wine racks an esoteric essential for home cellars, or individual use alone. If you run a restaurant, wine bar, or a lounge, then wine is an intricate part of your business, and if wine is a part of your business, then the need for a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing wine rack becomes an item at the top of your priority list. 

A plethora of wine racking solutions exist, and in varying shapes, dimensions, and finishes. This results in a classic case of the paradox of choice, making it extremely difficult to choose the perfect wine racking system for your business. Thankfully, wine racking solution experts, CABLE WINE SYSTEMS is without a doubt an industry-leading company in this regard. A team of seasoned professionals who are ready to make recommendations, listen to your need and come up with a wine-racking system which meets your taste, and maintains maximum functionality. 

When it comes to wine racking systems, CABLE WINE SYSTEMS offers some of the best racks in allure and functionality. For us, wine storage is a sacred art, hence the reason for our devotion in time, resources, and energy into producing the best racks out there. We go through all of this, just for you. 

We understand the need for the wine rack in your bar, restaurant, or lounge to exude finesse and excellence in an attempt to project the premium status of your business to prospective customers. In line with this, we have created very simple, yet sophisticated commercial wine racks to meet with your everyday needs. 

Using some of the best materials, machinery, and manufacturing process in the industry, we have crafted for you the perfect racking system.

At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, popular wine racking solutions include, wine display islands, corner display racks, and cube bins. No matter your needs with regard to commercial wine storage, we will provide. 

Below are some of the properties which drive our commercial wine racking manufacturing process:


 At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, our racks are built to epitomize the beauty of wine. We don’t just help you stack them, we help you display your collection. 

Your wine should be stored such that it endears the taste buds of wine lovers, and tickles the adventure in prospective wine enthusiasts. The rack itself will add to your bar that finishing touch it has always lacked.


The size of your wine collection is of little relevance as our racks are built on a budgetary basis. Thus, there’s a commercial wine rack for everyone depending on your budget, and needs. 

No matter the size of your bar, lounge, or restaurant, or the number of wine bottles you intend to store, we can make something worthwhile happen for you.


One of the factors that set CABLE WINE SYSTEMS apart from the rest in the commercial wine racking industry is the versatility of our wine racking systems. When you use our racks, the variations in the sizes of your wine bottles are accounted for, as these racks are built to accommodate bottles of all dimensions, shapes, and sizes. 

Visibility and Accessibility

What is a storage system if it isn’t easily accessible? 

One of the watchwords at CABLE WINE SYSTEMS is ease. For us, it makes little sense if you have an aesthetically pleasing commercial wine racking system which is lacking functionally. Perhaps it’s a mounted wine racking system which requires that the bartender climbs a stool whenever he/she wants to get a bottle of wine for a customer. 

This is one of the major reasons why we have built our racks in a minimalist manner, to make your job easy, and maintain a premium allure. 

Why You Should Get One of Our Commercial wine Racking Solutions.

Premium Quality

You deserve the best, and you should go for nothing less. CABLE WINE SYSTEMS delivers the best wine commercial racking solutions, made from premium materials. These racks are exquisite and can stand the test of time.


When you want a rack that grows old with you, and your business without tiring out, then you want a rack from CABLE WINE SYSTEMS. Our racks are built with quality materials to ensure functionality and durability. With CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, you can be certain that they would stand the test of time. 


At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, racks are built to be as functional as they are beautiful. Our commercial collection can fit in anywhere within your business premises, outdoor, or indoor. Tired of incurring losses in broken bottles of wine? Get a functional wine racking solution from CABLE WINE SYSTEMS.

As a company that has been around for a while, our track record speaks for us. Testimonials and reviews serve as a testament to our abilities, hence our persistent efforts towards ensuring continuous improvement in the quality of our systems.

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