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Storing, collecting, and ageing fine wines is an exact science. Only the most dedicated wine connoisseurs who are armed with custom wine cellars can truly perfect the process. Collecting wine is a very expensive and time-consuming yet rewarding pastime. A great deal of skill and intellect is required to gain and retain intricate knowledge about specific wines and their optimal storage conditions. But as long as you’re willing to learn from these faux pas and stringently adhere to the following wine storage tips, there’s no reason you can’t succeed in your wine collecting endeavours.
Pouring red wine into the glass

3 Common Wine Storage Mistakes Beginners Make

No Shifting Temperature Ranges

Contrary to popular belief, all wines must be kept in temperature and humidity-controlled environments. While the level of the temperature and humidity might vary from one wine to another, they must always be kept at relatively consistent levels with very minor fluctuations. Most people build their wine cellars in the basements because of the cooler temperatures, but that’s not necessary. As long as your wine cellar is set to optimal wine storage temperatures between 10 to 15 degrees Celsius (50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit), then your wines are more likely to age gracefully. Do not store them in places where temperatures fluctuate drastically, such as in your kitchen, dining room, or living room.

Incorrectly Re-Corking Wine

Understandably, not every bottle of wine that’s opened is going to be entirely consumed right away. Usually, when you open a fresh bottle of wine, you pour some for yourself and your guests to enjoy alongside a gourmet meal or simply for a taste. You might be wondering, then, what you should do with the remainder of the wine. Re-corking it is the only solution short of pouring it down the drain or drinking the entire bottle simply for the sake of finishing it. The correct way to re-cork a wine bottle is by re-inserting the part of the cork that was originally inside the bottle (usually the wider side, not the skinnier side). That way, you can ensure that less moisture will escape from the bottle. Also, most wine experts discourage keeping an open wine bottle for more than a few days. So, if you do need to re-cork the bottle, try to finish the wine within the same week.

No Strong Lighting

There’s a reason that most wine bottles are tinted. Think of them as a protective layer for the precious liquids within. Prolonged exposure to potent lighting, especially harmful UV rays from the sun, is detrimental to the lifespan of your wine. In fact, just like you’re skin when you overdo it at the tanning salon, it can age your wine prematurely and completely alter the taste and aroma. The last thing you want is to store a wine for a long period of time only to have it taste like overpriced vinegar when you finally pop the cork.
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