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There’s a certain elegance to be had in displaying your wine collection. When displayed prominently for guests to see, your collection becomes part of your home decor and reflects your owns tastes and aesthetics. Now with the rising interest and popularity that this generation has showed in collecting wine, just as much is being put into how they choose to display their collection too.
Floating wine rack shelves are one of the ways connoisseurs are showing off their flare for design. And in addition to being one of the more contemporary means of displaying a wine bottle, there are also more practical benefits.
Floating wine rack shelves

Benefits of Wine Racks from Cable Wine Systems

At Cable Wine Systems, we have an award-winning wine rack system that is versatile and functional. We use flexible cables made of fine-grade stainless steel that are connected by brass and clamps that are finished with chrome.
The versatility of our wine racking is significant. The customized nature of the Cable Wine System allows for storage of a much broader variety of wine bottle sizes and its minimalist nature makes it easy to install in nearly any area of your home. The Cable Wine System can also be tailored for those collectors who prefer to angle their bottles slightly downward. Although aesthetic preferences can vary, it is likely that the cable wine racking from Cable Wine Systems will appeal to almost any taste.
Another practical benefit of the floating cable wine racks compared to the traditional wooden wine racking is that the stored bottles are not hidden. This added visibility gives collectors a clear view of every bottle without having to search through multiple bottles from their collection. In addition to saving time, the fact that every label is clearly visible makes the entire process of storing and organizing your wine collection much simpler.
Cable Wine Systems is proud of their floating wine racking known as the Cable Wine System. This revolutionary wine racking system has become known for its quality, strength and aesthetic appeal, with recognition growing around the globe. The professionals at Cable Wine Systems understand the importance of finding a wine racking system that complements the look and feel of your surrounding decor. It is for those reasons that we developed the most sophisticated wine racking system on the market today. And the awards we win are evidence of that.
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