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If you’ve missed sitting around camp fires, staring at the stars and watching the moon light while the fire flickers in your face, then Cable wine systems has got good news for you: cottage countries are opening up again. Yes, camping is back for real. 

Now you know, it’s time to prepare for your first post COVID camp fire and we are here to give you just the right tips you need as always.


The first thing on your to-do list is to find the right gadgets and products to vibe up your first outdoor experience in a long time. The first place to start would be a new RV. 

The RV, as we know, it has evolved over the years. An example to attest that fact would be the extreme RVs that are displayed on the Extreme RV show. These monster trucks don’t just spin their wheels fast, they spin gold on the inside. 

The inside is made to be the life of a party. You could feel so much at home camping in one of these trucks, especially those fitted with wine cellars. Talk about paradise on earth. Well, a bottle of wine would always be a man’s best friend, hence this comes as no surprise at all. 

Below is a list of other items that could help your camping experience:

  1. A compressible travel pillow 

One of the difficulties in carrying pillows are their sizes. But a compressible pillow does exactly what you think it does. It can be compressed. The 14-by-18-inch pillow can actually be compressed to one eighth if its original size.

       2. Portable Mosquito Repellant

A scent-free repellant will keep you safe from all the buggy stuff that have missed human companionship. With a repellant, you have twelve hours of freedom from all sorts of insects. 

       3. Camp Stove Portable Grill

Imagine the power of those huge grills in a smaller casing. Well, that’s what you get with the camp stove portable grill. These types of grills make smokeless fire that can cook your steak, fish, or whatever you intend to cook. 

The camp stove can be regulated using the LED screen. It can also be used to charge a phone. 

       4. Back Pack-Friendly Blanket

This is a blanket like you’ve never seen before. Unlike your regular blanket, get a blanket that one can fit into the palm of your hands and can be spread out for four persons. It should be thick and a reliable alternative for your normal blanket

       5. Wine.

This may not seem new, but it had to make the list. There would be no avenue for the funfair. And wine is a good way to relax with friends, and yourself. Take some bottles of wine with you, and keep them for the right moments. 


Need recommendations on the best types of wine for befitting moments, contact Cable wine systems and you’d be glad you did.

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