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Traditionally, wine racks and cellars existed for one reason: to store wine and keep it at a desirable temperature ultimately for pleasurable consumption. However, with the advent and growing popularity of constructing lavishly stylish and fully functional home bars, it is no wonder that more people are installing modern wine racks to overtly display their wine collections.

Modern Wine Racks that Speak to Decor Tastes

There are endless new and innovative decor styles for luxury wine racks that add a sense of sophistication to any home. All it takes is a little creativity and imagination. Even if the home does not include a custom built-in bar, there are other ways to supplement custom wine racking and enhance the interior design of the home.
First, assess the interior layout of the space that is available. Second, account for the size of the wine collection and think about the frequency with which that wine collection will increase over time. Extreme wine connoisseurs with limited space in their homes are faced with the challenge of figuring out which parts of their house could serve dual purposes. For instance, the empty or hollow space beneath a staircase can be transformed into a lavishly expedient modern wine rack. Alternatively, another option for limited space is to install understated yet chic hanging or wall-mounted wine racks. The possibilities are as wide open as the mind’s eye of the decorator or home owner.
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Customized to Express Lifestyle and Creativity

Custom wine racking affords wine lovers the opportunity to express their individuality and uniqueness by experimenting with different, bold, understated, and uninhibited styles. One great way to feature a dynamic look for a home bar is to install wire wine racking.
There are countless customizable designs on the market that are suited to adhere to every lifestyle and personal taste fathomable. Varying sizes, colours, and shapes allow for a great deal of potential. Some can be mounted on the wall behind the bar, some can be built into the bar, some can be placed on the floor in the corner, and the really small ones that have a unique avant-garde shape can even be flaunted right on the countertop.

High-End Wine Display Racks to Enhance the Allure and Appeal of Bars

Of course, to establish a truly lounge-like atmosphere, suspending a luxury wire wine rack above the counter can effortlessly create a classy, night-on-the-town ambience in the comfort of your own home. Whether it is a simple, romantic night in, a fun girls’ night, or even two friends sharing a nightcap, there is no denying that high-end wine racks can substantially enhance the allure and personal appeal of a bar interior.

Award-Winning Wine Racks

Cable Wine Systems is the developer of a revolutionary wine storage system that is flexible in its ability to hold different bottle sizes and it features a customizable design that can meet the owner’s preference. Our wine wire wine racking system is a sleek and contemporary design that offers clients an alternative to traditional wood and metal wine racking. See what the design, building and architectural communities are raving about. For more information or to book a consultation, contact us today.

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