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People have been indulging in wine for centuries, which is why it’s not surprising that over the course of time, numerous fascinating wine myths have become tightly integrated in wine culture. These myths may have carried some semblance of truth during certain periods in history, but nowadays they only serve the purpose of perpetuating stereotypes that are no longer relevant. Nonetheless, they’re captivating topics of interest for veteran wine lovers and amateurs alike because they shed light on longstanding traditions that are embedded within wine culture.

wine mythsFamous Wine Myths

Here are a few famous—or rather, infamous—wine myths that are worth exploring:

Only Red Wines Age Well

For some reason, red wines are generally regarded as the classier and more worthwhile prospect while most white wines are relegated to nothing more than casual libations. The truth is that both are equally beneficial to your health in their own rights and they can both be aged if you please. The real question isn’t whether you can age more red wines than white wines. Instead, you should be asking yourself why you even need to age your wine at all. More often than not, the wine has already been slightly aged before it even reaches the store shelves and when it comes to most wines, further ageing does nothing to improve its flavours.

Wines Need to Breathe

This myth is technically based on outdated fact. In the early days of winemaking, winemakers used large amounts of sulphur as a preservative for the wine so that it would age prematurely and it could travel well. Opening the wine bottles a few days prior to drinking it supposedly helped to diminish the foul stench of the sulphur. Modern technological advancements in winemaking have removed the need to add preservatives, much less sulphur, and the transportation process is much smoother and quicker. Therefore, airing out the wine is a dying and pointless concept.

The Thicker the Legs, the Better the Wine

The term “wine legs” doesn’t refer to the wobbliness of your legs after you’ve had a few too many glasses of wine. Actually, it’s referring to the tears of wine that dribble down the side of the glass after you’ve swirled your wine prior to sipping it. The idea is that if the legs are thicker and run more slowly the wine is of a higher quality, but the truth is that the two things are completely unrelated. Thick wine legs simply indicate a greater alcohol content. It’s also important to note that not all wines have the same alcohol content; that rumour is completely baseless as well.

Fascinating Facts about Wine

Now it’s time to talk about a few interesting actual facts about wine. As every wine connoisseur knows, every wine name is associated with where the wine was made as well as the type of grape used to make it. What’s even more interesting is that more and more wines are now being locally produced in previously unlikely parts of the world. This may have something to do with the fact that wine corks are steadily decreasing in popularity while screw-top bottles are gradually becoming the norm. It could also be because more people are purchasing wine for immediate consumption rather than ageing it or saving it solely for special occasions. Regardless of your reasons for purchasing wine in the first place, it’s important to treat it right to render the most rewarding wine drinking experience possible.
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