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New home buyers have a lot to consider when searching for that perfect home. For typical first-time home buyers, or maybe even those upgrading to a larger home, features such as an updated or new kitchen, large family room, or multiple bedrooms with a fair sized backyard are important. But for upscale home buyers, those who have more money to play with than the standard property virgin, those features are just the beginning. A recent story by The Globe and Mail highlights Vancouver’s luxury real estate market and has revealed one key feature in demand by many new homeowners—a wine cellar complete with modern wine racks. And while the third-largest city in Canada is a prime example of what the high-end real estate market is offering, it can be viewed is a microcosm of many high-end real estate markets in major cities across Canada.Modern Wine Racks for Home Decor

It Starts With One Bottle

It usually doesn’t take much to get the taste for a good bottle of wine. And once that seal is broken, you might as well just start filling that new wine cellar right now. The first step is to create the ideal storage conditions, which are coming standard with most high-end homes across the country. We have our ancestors to thank for that, who as early as 1900 BC were stacking jars of wine in cool areas of caves hidden away from any marauders. Fast forward to our common era, and homeowners want anything but to hide their wine collections. Though they are still kept in cooler indoor climates, storing wine has become a part of home decor. Wine cellars and wine racks are now trendy. And according to one of the families being interviewed by The Globe and Mail, “it’s like the hot handbag of the year.”

Get the Design Right

Experts agree that although customers can essentially get whatever kind of design they want, 55-57 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for cellars, preferably with shorter doors to better control temperature. Wine racks being kept under seven feet high is also best. This is because walking wine bottles up and down a ladder is not a wise thing to do. A good point to keep in mind is that wine collections grow. And once a homeowner installs a wine cellar or buys a home with one already in it, they will be motivated to buy more wine. A company like Cable Wine Systems, who is at the forefront of providing custom modern wine racking made of the finest combination of stainless steel cables with chromed brass clamps, understands the demand that new and existing luxury homeowners have for wine. We also recognize the importance of designing wine storage areas that are useful and practical but also aesthetically appealing. This is why we’ve created a wine racking system that can be customized to nearly any space or style. The Cable Wine System, developed by Papro Consulting, is truly the next indulgence for a generation that wants to showcase their appreciation for wine in a big way. For more information on Cable Wine Systems visit our website at www.cablewinesystems.com.
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