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Spring is in the air, which means the temperatures are rising and the sun is slowly emerging from its lengthy hibernation to grace us with its presence. This transitional season of revitalization is the best time of year to update your wine collection with some fruity and exotic white and rosé wines for spring and summer.

wines for springSuitable Wines for the Warmer Months

Some people might find it difficult to part with their precious dark red Merlots or Cabernet Sauvignons, but the time has come to put these libations to rest and break out their lighter, fruitier, more refreshing counterparts instead. Since spring is already upon us, that means summer is just around the corner, and backyard barbecues, cookouts, bonfires, and weekend getaways are going to make a huge comeback in the upcoming months. You’re going to want to pair your wine with fresh seafood dishes, tasty salads, and even juicy burgers fresh off the grill. Crisp, chilled wine is just the perfect pairing for all of your favourite summer foods, and the good news is you can still enjoy your red wine in the form of rosé.

Light, Bright, Summer Whites

Whether you live near Toronto’s vibrant entertainment district, in the Village, or even in the East or West End, there’s nothing more satisfying than pulling out a bottle of white Riesling or Moscato from your wine display rack and enjoying it out on your terrace as you watch the sun set in the horizon.
That’s what living in luxury is all about, and having the perfect wine racking display in your home makes it all possible. If you’ve had a stressful day at work or just need to come home and unwind for no reason in particular, a cool and uplifting glass of white wine is the perfect solution to your doldrums. Not only can white wine brighten up your mood, but it also pairs surprisingly well with so many summertime favourite appetizers and entrées. Regardless of whether you’re enjoying it by yourself or in the company of your close friends, acquaintances, and family at a social function, white wine serves as an excellent pairing beverage and icebreaker.
What makes it even better is the stylish and practical wine storing method you use either in your favourite room at home or in your own personal wine cellar. Personal luxury wine racking systems are very popular in metropolitans like Toronto, and prominently showcasing your wine collection in your home is a sign of true opulence and class.

Refreshing Rosés

Rosés are another favourite when the warm weather arrives because, for a lot of wine lovers, they serve as an excellent temporary substitute for dark reds. Many of them can be consumed at room temperature or chilled depending on your preference, and they pair extremely well with staple summertime cuisine such as grilled salmon with asparagus, hamburgers with French fries, and even grilled vegetables. Their generally sweet and fruity notes tend to undercut a lot of salty or savoury flavours, which is why they’re the ideal addition to any spring and summer wine collection.
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