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After getting positive reviews from our past and present clients, CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, a leading modern wine racking system company, has set its eyes on the servicing the European market.
Based on history, Europe is the mecca of the winemaking. Aside from being the birthplace of the beverage, it is home to the world’s best wineries. The continent’s love for the drink prompted them to integrate the drink into their lifestyle. So, if you want to find and the most discriminating wine connoisseurs who have developed a keen taste on the beverage, you need to visit the region.
Aside from drinking the beverage, many of the continent’s aficionados of the beverage want to store the bottles they own as part of their private collection. These people have acquired the hobby of carefully storing their centuries-old wines. Some people even show off their vintage collection to their friends and guests.
But while many of them keep their vintage in traditional underground cellars, more and more collectors are embracing the modern method of storing the beverage than placing them in underground cellars. After learning the benefits of keeping their wines in modern racks, especially in keeping the quality and texture of the drink, they started to invest in the latest designs.
And this is what our company is targeting. Just recently, we are eyeing to enter Portugal market. The country is determined to revive its wine culture to attract tourists from all over the world. We believe we can take part in reviving the country’s love for the drink by being a leading provider of wine racks in the area.

Benefits of Our Wine Racking System

Thanks to these favourable developments in the continent, especially in Portugal, our confidence to target Europe has picked up. Aside from being the center of winemaking industry, it is also starting to open its minds in accepting modernity in its wine culture.  

Flavour Preservation

To maintain the taste of wine, experts suggest storing it in dim places, keep the temperature stable, and lie it on its side. Our cable racking system does these. With the help of our skilled workers, collectors can easily place the racks in dim-lit and temperature-controlled areas.

Minimalist Elegance

In modern art, less is more. This is evident in displaying exquisite vintage collection. Our CABLE WINE SYSTEMS are made of heavy-duty stainless-steel cables connected to chromed brass connecting clamps. Placing the bottles in these racks creates an illusion that they are suspended on air.
Our minimalist racks are also equipped with security features. These are made with shock-proof technology. This way, the bottles are protected from shaking. Even slight movements can affect the flavour of the drink.


Collectors can install the rack in different areas. Moreover, our workers can easily adjust to the different accommodates the various bottle shapes and sizes. We can also assemble racks in such a way it can meet the expectations of our customers.
With all the benefits Europeans can get from our racks, we believe our company can provide excellent service to the people who made wine a global commodity.

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