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Great Britain is a melting pot of cultures. As a matter of fact, it is a great food and beverage hub which boasts of a vibrant food scene showcasing dishes not only from various cities but also from varying countries around the globe. More than their traditional love of fish and meat, there is also a great selection of wines found in the city of Cornwall, ones that can even rival those from France and Italy.

A Brief British Wine Industry Background

Admittedly, the British wine industry is a newcomer in the industry, compared to centuries-long operations from Italy, France, and Spain. In a survey conducted in 2015, studies show that in 4,000 adults living in the UK, 60% preferred to drink wine. Aside from being more accessible today, drinking wine is often associated with enjoying the finer and even simpler luxuries whilst staying at home. Come to think of it, this provides a more intimate setting which allows individuals to relate with and know more about each other.
With more and more people getting enamoured over the robust and flavourful play of notes in their beverages, it comes as no surprise that wineries opening in Great Britain has reached a record high. This indicates that there is a great demand for sparkling drinks and a variety of flavours in the wine scene alone.

Why Britain?

Because of the thriving beverage scene in the country, setting up a wine racking system to enter the industry is a possibility. This is perfect especially when there is an increased supply of individuals – both in the residential and business sectors – who find the weather and climate in the UK fit for storing wines.
The cool climate and the humidity in the country are great for keeping the temperature and flavour in an ideal condition. Likewise, the humidity in the region allows the cork to keep damp. These aspects are crucial to maintaining the state of your drinks.
With more vineyards and wineries in operation, and since not all of these locations have their own storage spaces, introducing an efficient and space-saving racking system will be a godsend. This will even be applicable for homes and businesses who are lacking the right device.

Why Wine Racking is Essential


Storing wines properly will certainly keep their texture, aroma, and flavour intact. By using a racking system, you are securing their pristine condition. In fact, if rightly stored, you can even enhance its flavour. This is particularly helpful when you want to preserve bottles you have acquired over the years and through various travels.

Flexible Design

All designs will be customised to attend to your needs. This means that professionals will carefully examine your place so that they can make prior adjustments to accommodate your preferences. Even better, this sleek and modern design will surely be an ideal focal point for any location.
With the beverage industry flourishing in the UK, there is no denying that an innovative and highly-developed storage device is essential. Since Great Britain boasts of an excellent climate and a more brilliant food and beverage scene, entering the field won’t be challenging at all. If you find yourself in need of a wine racking system for your home or your business, contact CABLE WINE SYSTEMS today.

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