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Europe Wine Racking Systems

Cable Wine Systems, a Canadian company that produces state-of-the-art quality wine racking systems, has set its eyes on the birthplace of the beverage – Europe. Recently, the company is targeting Portugal as its entry to the European market.

The company believes Europeans need a storage room where they can easily access their cherished drink. Since the beverage is often placed in exquisite bottles, storing them in classic cellars is not enough. For collectors and enthusiasts of this beverage, showing off their collection is part of the entire vintage experience aside from the taste of the beverage.

Cable Wine Systems Advantage

The company uses the best materials and technologies to give your wines not only a suitable place to store but also to show them. With its chromed brass cellars made of high-grade stainless steel, the cellars the company produce exudes elegance with a modern feel.

Its minimalist cellar is also equipped with security features. The cellars are made with shock-proof technology that prevents the bottles from shaking vigorously. Shaking of the bottle can impair the taste and texture of the drink. With the technology, the quality of the drink remains preserved even after decades.

With the racks’ feature and benefits, Cable Wine Systems is confident they can easily attract European vintage connoisseurs. The company believes it can help Portugal and the rest of the continent in reviving and rebranding the wine culture by giving it a modern feel.

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