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To request a quote for the CABLE WINE SYSTEM®, please visit our web site www.cablewinesystems.com and click on either the Contact Us tab or the “Request a Quote” button. Once you have filled out the requested information, one of our associates should get back to you by either phone or email within 1 to 2 business days.

The CABLE WINE SYSTEM® is sold by the piece and is assembled on site. Pricing for the system is determined according to the height, width and depth of a particular area (based on maximum spacing). That being said, although the spacing of the vertical cables cannot be changed, spacing between the horizontal rows can be increased to accommodate for smaller wine collections or more visibility of what is beyond or behind the system. Increasing the spacing between the horizontal rows also cuts down on parts needed which, in turn, reduces the cost of the system for a particular area.

Some parts of the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® come in different finishes and some come only in chrome. The tension sets (which anchor the top and bottom of each vertical cable) come in both a chrome and satin nickel finish, whereas the clamps that support all of the horizontal cables only come in a chrome finish.

Yes, CABLE WINE SYSTEMS INC.® ships anywhere in the world.

Lead times for receiving the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® can fluctuate anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks depending on where we are in the production cycle at the time when you place your order. Although we do our best to get all shipments out within 2 to 4 weeks from placement of order, increased demand can sometimes cause unforeseen delays. A more accurate lead time estimate can be provided upon inquiry.

No, we do not recommend that home or business owners install the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® themselves. Because the weight of the wine and tension of the cables is mostly supported from the ceiling or top mounting area, it is CRUCIAL that the ceiling or top mounting area where the system will be installed be properly structurally reinforced to support the forces coming down. For this reason CABLE WINE SYSTEMS INC.® recommends that only qualified and experienced contractors install and assemble the CABLE WINE SYSTEM®.

Although CABLE WINE SYSTEMS INC.’s head office is located in Toronto, Canada, the parts and pieces of the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® are priced in U.S. dollars to maintain consistency worldwide. Because the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® is shipped internationally, U.S. currency is the most recognized currency to perform transactions in globally.

CABLE WINE SYSTEMS INC.® does NOT provide installation services; however, depending on where you are located, we may be able to recommend one of our authorized dealers to assist you with installation if there happens to be one in your area. Regardless of whether there is a dealer nearby or not, we would be happy to provide technical support and assistance to whoever installs the system for you.

The CABLE WINE SYSTEM® can be installed in two different ways: neck-out and label view. The easiest way to explain the difference between these two options is that ‘neck out’ installation means that the cork end of the bottles is prominent, whereas ‘label view’ installation places the bottles sideways so that the labels/sides of the bottles are most visible. For a better understanding please visit our “Gallery” at www.cablewinesystems.com to see images containing both options.

Due to the flexible nature of the CABLE WINE SYSTEM®, we recommend that ideal installation should only be one bottle deep unless the bottles can be easily accessed from both sides. If access is available from both sides, then 2 bottles deep (punt to punt or side by side) would be fine. CABLE WINE SYSTEMS INC.® DOES NOT ever recommend installing our system 3 bottles deep because it simply becomes much too difficult to retrieve bottles from a third row or column.

CABLE WINE SYSTEMS INC.® can provide design services and assist with other aspects of wine cellar construction for an additional cost. Contact one of our representatives at 1-855-313-WINE (9463) for more information or send an email to [email protected] and we would be happy to assist you.

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