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  • What’s in your cooler?

    What sort of beverages to take on a day trip? (Obviously include some non-alcoholic drinks) Picnic pairings

    It’s Fall, which can be considerably warmer in certain areas due to the preceding summer months. Thus, many individuals take the opportunity during the weekends to grab a drink with friends, go on a picnic with loved ones, or even just enjoy the fresh breeze of a fall afternoon while enjoying a thirst-quenching beverage.

    An extensive number of beverages are suitable for whatever occasion it might be, from exotic dinners to celebratory events and random beverages during a day trip. The choices abound.

    However, we’ll be looking at suitable beverages during your day trip:

    Some of these beverages include:

    Golden Milk Tea: This is especially a good choice for people who would rather not have caffeinated beverages. Golden Milk tea contains turmeric and orange powder, ensuring the stabilization of blood sugars and anti-inflammatory properties.

    Coffee: Coffee remains one of the most drank beverages in North America, and for a good reason. Drinking Coffee ensures alertness and focus. The varieties are available to ensure that there’s a favorite for everyone.

    Mid journey, you’ll most likely need that caffeine boost. Better to have it in your cooler when you need it.

    Water: You’d marvel at just how frequently people tend to forget the most important beverage when going on a road trip or picnic. Water is especially an integral part of every road trip. The movies depicting individuals who got stuck on a lonely desert road for days didn’t lie.

    Your life may hang in the balance if you fail to take this underrated lifesaver.

    Cocktails: These are better taken at picnics, camping trips, and other outdoor activities since drinking and driving isn’t exactly legal. Cocktails are exceptional for these scenarios due to their more alluring taste and unique vibe. 

    They tend to serve as the midpoint, with vodka drinks topping the charts and beer at the bottom.

    Beer: Increasingly, it is gradually becoming the norm to have a BBQ at outdoor events. Now having barbecues without beer can be likened to going to the hospital to see only nurses.

    In many cases, beer is the qualifier for an outdoor barbecue. Thus, the need for a beer at outdoor events or activities is of utmost importance, especially when there’s talk about barbecue.

    Wine: Ageless yet sophisticated, the art of fine dining is next to none. In truth, very few things come close to sharing a bottle of finely brewed wine with a loved one in the untamed outdoors.

    While it may be counter-intuitive to take wine while driving, it is the perfect drink for picnics and camping, reserved only for the special nights. 

    These are some beverages you may want in your cooler when next you hit the road to the great outdoors. It is important to note that drinking and driving is illegal in most parts of the world. Thus, if you must drink, then let someone else drive, and if you must drive, then leave the beverages until you get to your destination.

  • What wine to pair with good BBQ Back Yard Activities?

    Thanks to most BBQ equipment’s relatively affordable price, everyone wants to host a backyard BBQ these days. However, hosting an enjoyable BBQ has more to do with the activities involved during the process than the barbecue itself. 

    It is of paramount importance to effectively plan your weekend barbecue to the letter, especially if you do not have side attractions such as lakes or pools. This can be quite a challenge if you have invited some first-timers to your backyard BBQ. 

    Activities such as games and puzzles tend to help douse the tension and keep the august visitors relaxed. However, it might not exactly be enough. Talking may also keep bonds together at the beginning of the BBQ session, but there is usually not much to say after an hour or two of banter, especially with individuals you barely know.

    You may also go the extra mile to integrate active sports into your BBQ session. This way, you can be sure to engage individuals who may be open to extreme exercising. This can even more fun when a little alcohol in bottles of wine is added to the mix. 

    You can add some games to your BBQ to create a lasting impression on your visitors, including Badminton, Darts, 3-aside backyard soccer, and table tennis.

    To curb the effects of rising tensions among newcomers and ensure a seamless BBQ parade with friends and family chattering endlessly, include fine wine bottles to your backyard BBQ. 

    Wine options for BBQ

    Like the art of wine tasting, this should be done with precision, considering the ingredients of your BBQ and the active ingredients of the wine in question.

    Some of the most exquisite wine combinations with a BBQ are:

     Sangiovese from Tuscany: The dry red taste of this exquisite yet affordable wine is a joy to behold when doubled up with grilled lamb or beef. With the Sangiovese from Tuscany, you can be sure to have friends chattering about the uniquely beautiful combinations you have put together; plus, you may also get phone calls from friends and family who may want to set up a similar gathering in the future. It is that good.

    Australian Shiraz: The Australian Shiraz represents another option for grilled lamb and beef gatherings, except it has a syrup-like taste, which gives a spicy and mildly sweet taste. The Australian Shiraz shares certain attributes with the French Syrah.

    While the Australian Shiraz is a perfect wine for the occasion, it is important to note that it has a strong identity. Thus, there’s a risk of overshadowing the savor of other foods, especially under spiced seafood.

    Pinot Noir: For all seafood lovers, very few bottles of wine can produce the resultant effect of a bottle of Pinot Noir and a plate of Salmon. Pinot Noir can also be taken with Pork and even chicken, making it one of the most versatile wine to pair with these options.

    These wine represent definite wins based on your choice of barbecue. Ensure to take safety precautions when setting out your backyard, especially if children will be among the guests. 

    For now, prepare for your BBQ backyard, get together, and watching the smiles emanating from the faces of your visitors.


    You must have heard the news, and even if you haven’t, Cable wine systems is here to tell you now. Patios are opening all over the country. 

    Just in the Toronto area, over 12 patios are set to open for business this week. All over, the many patios which have graced our cuisine over the years are making preparations to open up in the coming week. We at Cable wine systems understand that this is great news for you and we’re here to help you prepare. 

    Here’s a list of our suggestions on the things you should do on your 1st post-lockdown outing.


    We know it’s been quite a while since you had any real wine, more so for those who have no wine storage cellars in their homes. It wouldn’t be surprising that you are confused about where to start. It’s fine, we’re here to help. 

    Here is a list of the best wines you could try on your first outing:

    1. 2016 Reserve Syrah from Goose Ridge Vineyards.

    If you are a stickler for Red wines, then you should try this one. It costs just $50 but would reignite those taste buds that you may bask in the pleasure of beautiful wine. 

           2. Sterling Vineyards

    If you love white wines, then the sterling vineyards is not a bad place to start. This brilliant blend of apples, pears, and melon scents well balanced with a crisp fading aroma of the orchard fruit goes for $25 dollars. If you love tasting wine, here is one to play with. 

           3. Rose M de Minuty 2019 From Chateau Minuty

    If you are a lover of the rose brand, then this 2019 beauty is a good one to celebrate the reopening. This beauty comes at a shocking $27 dollar price and is the perfect rosé for the occasion. 

           4. Ca’ del Bosco Dosage Zero Brut 2013

    If all you think of in wine is sparkling, then you can unburden your tongue with this 2013 sparkling wine. The fact that it is so old and yet still a great choice makes it all the more alluring, dare we say that you should get on your lips. It goes for a token of $40 dollars.


    As the patios open, it’s an opportunity to once again taste the best of meals and drinks that the patios have to offer. 

    How would you select the patio you are heading to? 

    Well, it’s simple. For now, choose one that offers you the good food you have missed all these months. And as you make your choice of food, remember the wine you already ordered. You do not want to have the wrong dish going with the wrong glass of wine. Pick your meals carefully so you do not ruin your first outing. 

    As the patios reopen, we at Cable Wine Systems hope that you catch all of the fun that you have missed. Also, do not forget to drink some wine.


    If you’ve missed sitting around camp fires, staring at the stars and watching the moon light while the fire flickers in your face, then Cable wine systems has got good news for you: cottage countries are opening up again. Yes, camping is back for real. 

    Now you know, it’s time to prepare for your first post COVID camp fire and we are here to give you just the right tips you need as always.


    The first thing on your to-do list is to find the right gadgets and products to vibe up your first outdoor experience in a long time. The first place to start would be a new RV. 

    The RV, as we know, it has evolved over the years. An example to attest that fact would be the extreme RVs that are displayed on the Extreme RV show. These monster trucks don’t just spin their wheels fast, they spin gold on the inside. 

    The inside is made to be the life of a party. You could feel so much at home camping in one of these trucks, especially those fitted with wine cellars. Talk about paradise on earth. Well, a bottle of wine would always be a man’s best friend, hence this comes as no surprise at all. 

    Below is a list of other items that could help your camping experience:

    1. A compressible travel pillow 

    One of the difficulties in carrying pillows are their sizes. But a compressible pillow does exactly what you think it does. It can be compressed. The 14-by-18-inch pillow can actually be compressed to one eighth if its original size.

           2. Portable Mosquito Repellant

    A scent-free repellant will keep you safe from all the buggy stuff that have missed human companionship. With a repellant, you have twelve hours of freedom from all sorts of insects. 

           3. Camp Stove Portable Grill

    Imagine the power of those huge grills in a smaller casing. Well, that’s what you get with the camp stove portable grill. These types of grills make smokeless fire that can cook your steak, fish, or whatever you intend to cook. 

    The camp stove can be regulated using the LED screen. It can also be used to charge a phone. 

           4. Back Pack-Friendly Blanket

    This is a blanket like you’ve never seen before. Unlike your regular blanket, get a blanket that one can fit into the palm of your hands and can be spread out for four persons. It should be thick and a reliable alternative for your normal blanket

           5. Wine.

    This may not seem new, but it had to make the list. There would be no avenue for the funfair. And wine is a good way to relax with friends, and yourself. Take some bottles of wine with you, and keep them for the right moments. 


    Need recommendations on the best types of wine for befitting moments, contact Cable wine systems and you’d be glad you did.


    Since the COVID 19 pandemic, life has been turned on its head, and for most sectors of the economy. Most of the industries have experienced tremendous paradigm shifts in the manner of conducting business, and the wine industry is no exception. 

    All the plans and the activities lined up for the year have been to large extents sabotaged. With the COVID lockdown still on, buying and selling of wine has taken a downward spiral. 


    As the harvest season is calling us all out, we at Cable wine systems are hoping for a better harvest season. This is understandable since the events of the year have affected all other aspects of production. 

    The truthful questions to ask are simple, what’s shinning here that should be shinning back at home. 

    The disease has strongly affected labor, and if no measures are taken, the wine industry may take a blow come this harvest season. 


    While the wine farmers continue to battle with the challenges of keeping production high in correlation with demand, wine tours, event tasting, and other activities within consumption spheres are relatively low, and for good reason.

    The usual volume of drinks and excitement that dawned weddings have now been silenced, because of the raging pandemic. Almost every single outlet through which the industry made its profit is crippled due to the lock down. 

    ANY HOPE? 

    Is there any hope of salvaging the season? Well, there might yet be hope. 

    All over the country, little changes are occurring, pointing wine enthusiasts, and industry players in the right direction. For example, patios and cottage camps have been given permission to open shop. If things go at this rate, then there might be some hope of salvaging this season, and having enough workers to handle the coming harvest.

    Also, it is not clear that there would be any long-lasting effect on the wine industry yet, except that the wine industry is set to see changes in the mode of wine purchase, even in small-scale purchases. This may be attributed to the fact that the online pattern of ordering wine may leave a lasting impression on wine enthusiasts, especially introverted ones. This means that more individuals may drink wine in isolation, and more orders will be delivered to door steps post COVID.

    WHAT TO DO? 

    This is the part you have to play to support the industry even in the midst of the COVID. You don’t have to wait till it’s all fine and rosy before you get back to buying your choice wine. Support your local winery today by making some purchases. And call on Cable wine systems to install a befitting cable rack for your wine storage needs. 

    The industry is in trying times, but there is definitely a glimmer of light in the clouds. Even this too will pass.


    Renovations are an important part of growing up. They are mostly carried out to meet changing requirements, needs, or just to improve the appeal of a structure. While you may have decided to carry out a full renovation of your space, you might want to consider making provisions for that one need that’s usually neglected: the wine cellar.

    Wine cellars have been around for as long as wine has. The deal is fewer people have been paying attention to having cellars in their homes because they feel it is too expensive, or isn’t exactly a need. 

    However, the COVID situation for example has exemplified the need to have cellars in your home. This is especially true for wine enthusiasts. 

    Couple that with the fact that more and more people are looking to wine to address the strains, and depression that is being caused by the COVID situation. And where else would they look to if not to wine? After all, it’s reputable for inducing happiness and drowning sorrow.

    With the prices of wine on an upward slope, the need for a cellar is only a sensible decision, a decent place where you can store your wine, assured of its safety.


    Why on earth would you need a cellar? Why get one? Well, Cable wines systems has put together a number of valid reasons why having a cellar is a plus.

    • Sophistication

    There is something about a cellar that exudes sophistication. It makes you look classy and mature. One of the ways you can communicate your personality and philosophy to your visitors is by having the right kind of cellar in your house. 

    • Aesthetics 

    There is an undeniable beauty that a cellar brings to the house (especially) the modern cellars. They significantly increase the appeal of the space while providing a functional solution to wine storage.

    • Storage Space

    Wine needs proper storage space. Where else to store your wine but in a cellar. With a cellar, the wine is kept safe, and within acceptable temperature. Cable wine systems makes sure of this.

    • The Vogue

    Right now, the best thing you could add to that living room or bar space of yours is a modern cellar. It’s the in thing right now. It’s the one little thing you can add to your space to make all the difference.


    Well, in line with the current vogue, it would be cool to go with the modern cellar. It’s the perfect cellar for most homes with modern architecture. 

    It has the sophistication, the minimalism and space management, the great view, the convenience, and the aesthetics which most individuals seek. Be wary, however, of acquiring cellars based on beauty alone. To get professional advice on the best type of cellar for your needs, simply contact Cable wine systems.


    Adding a cellar to your existing renovation plans would make an excellent addition if done properly. Think of it as killing two birds with one stone. You would have an exquisite cellar beautifying your living space, while affording you the functionality f holding multiple bottles of wine in different dimensions, and keeping you from long trips to the kitchen, or basement just to get a cup of red heaven.

    Contact Cable wine systems today

  • Commercial Wine Racks & Displays for Restaurants, Wine Bars and Lounges

    Installing commercial wine racks and displays for your restaurant, wine bar or wine lounge that is luxurious and appealing to the most discerning eye, can drive wine sales and profits.

    Wine racks may be used to meet home needs a lot more frequently, this doesn’t make wine racks an esoteric essential for home cellars, or individual use alone. If you run a restaurant, wine bar, or a lounge, then wine is an intricate part of your business, and if wine is a part of your business, then the need for a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing wine rack becomes an item at the top of your priority list. 

    A plethora of wine racking solutions exist, and in varying shapes, dimensions, and finishes. This results in a classic case of the paradox of choice, making it extremely difficult to choose the perfect wine racking system for your business. Thankfully, wine racking solution experts, CABLE WINE SYSTEMS is without a doubt an industry-leading company in this regard. A team of seasoned professionals who are ready to make recommendations, listen to your need and come up with a wine-racking system which meets your taste, and maintains maximum functionality. 

    When it comes to wine racking systems, CABLE WINE SYSTEMS offers some of the best racks in allure and functionality. For us, wine storage is a sacred art, hence the reason for our devotion in time, resources, and energy into producing the best racks out there. We go through all of this, just for you. 

    We understand the need for the wine rack in your bar, restaurant, or lounge to exude finesse and excellence in an attempt to project the premium status of your business to prospective customers. In line with this, we have created very simple, yet sophisticated commercial wine racks to meet with your everyday needs. 

    Using some of the best materials, machinery, and manufacturing process in the industry, we have crafted for you the perfect racking system.

    At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, popular wine racking solutions include, wine display islands, corner display racks, and cube bins. No matter your needs with regard to commercial wine storage, we will provide. 

    Below are some of the properties which drive our commercial wine racking manufacturing process:


     At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, our racks are built to epitomize the beauty of wine. We don’t just help you stack them, we help you display your collection. 

    Your wine should be stored such that it endears the taste buds of wine lovers, and tickles the adventure in prospective wine enthusiasts. The rack itself will add to your bar that finishing touch it has always lacked.


    The size of your wine collection is of little relevance as our racks are built on a budgetary basis. Thus, there’s a commercial wine rack for everyone depending on your budget, and needs. 

    No matter the size of your bar, lounge, or restaurant, or the number of wine bottles you intend to store, we can make something worthwhile happen for you.


    One of the factors that set CABLE WINE SYSTEMS apart from the rest in the commercial wine racking industry is the versatility of our wine racking systems. When you use our racks, the variations in the sizes of your wine bottles are accounted for, as these racks are built to accommodate bottles of all dimensions, shapes, and sizes. 

    Visibility and Accessibility

    What is a storage system if it isn’t easily accessible? 

    One of the watchwords at CABLE WINE SYSTEMS is ease. For us, it makes little sense if you have an aesthetically pleasing commercial wine racking system which is lacking functionally. Perhaps it’s a mounted wine racking system which requires that the bartender climbs a stool whenever he/she wants to get a bottle of wine for a customer. 

    This is one of the major reasons why we have built our racks in a minimalist manner, to make your job easy, and maintain a premium allure. 

    Why You Should Get One of Our Commercial wine Racking Solutions.

    Premium Quality

    You deserve the best, and you should go for nothing less. CABLE WINE SYSTEMS delivers the best wine commercial racking solutions, made from premium materials. These racks are exquisite and can stand the test of time.


    When you want a rack that grows old with you, and your business without tiring out, then you want a rack from CABLE WINE SYSTEMS. Our racks are built with quality materials to ensure functionality and durability. With CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, you can be certain that they would stand the test of time. 


    At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, racks are built to be as functional as they are beautiful. Our commercial collection can fit in anywhere within your business premises, outdoor, or indoor. Tired of incurring losses in broken bottles of wine? Get a functional wine racking solution from CABLE WINE SYSTEMS.

    As a company that has been around for a while, our track record speaks for us. Testimonials and reviews serve as a testament to our abilities, hence our persistent efforts towards ensuring continuous improvement in the quality of our systems.

    Get a Rack Today 

    Do the needful. Take that all-important step and get one of our racks today. Your bottles will love you for it. Your customers will love you for it. At the end of the day, you will be satisfied because you made the right decision when it mattered.

    Contact Us

    Contact us today and allow us to eliminate all of your doubts. Get across to us and we will be more than happy to help you in whatever way that we can.

  • Any Size Wine Collection Can Use Our Wine Racking System

    Our Wine Racking Systems Can Fit Wine Collections of Any Size

    Wine racking has grown beyond simply making racks of set dimensions for all clients. These days, many more considerations are affecting the racking systems. Some of such factor include the increasing demand for more versatile racks, with studier designs and appealing allure. Thanks to continuous technological advancement and research into materials and metallurgy, we at CABLE WINE SYSTEMS remain at the top of the pack. 
    At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, we believe in meeting the peculiar needs of every wine collector, thus, we understand the challenges involved with having to store wine bottles that fail to fit into existing cellar arrangements. It naturally makes for a messier environment and increases the risk of injury and losses in terms of broken wine bottles. To solve these challenges, we at CABLE WINE SYSTEMS have made our racks to fit whatever dimensions of wine you have.

    When We Build Our Racks

    When building our racks, we have three basic considerations. All wine bottles cannot be the same in size, shape, and weight. So we build our racks to favor every single one of these criteria.
    Our racks are painstakingly designed to accommodate bottles of any size. It really doesn’t matter what size your bottles are. We have a solution for everyone, plus, you need not worry about the integration of such cable racks into your space, as our team of seasoned experts ensures that functionality and looks remain at the topmost part of our priorities.  
    At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, we specialize in the manufacture and implementation of racks, and as such, possess years of unbeatable experience in this regard. We understand the industry-standard range of traditional wine bottles, as well as the guidelines to ensure that the wine remains in the best condition possible overtime. 
    This is why we build our wine racks in such a unique manner to accommodate bottles of different shapes.
    Equally important is the weight of the bottles. All wine bottles don’t weigh the same. CABLE WINE SYSTEMS has combated this challenge by making our racks from the best materials possible. Our racks are strong enough to hold in any kind of wine bottle you may want to place on them.
    Our wine racks have been built to be versatile, and functional across the board. It doesn’t matter what brand you want to rack, simply trust us to be your universal wine racking system provider.

    What’s Unique about Our Racks and Why You Should Get One

    1. Quality 

    Our racks are built from the finest of materials possible. This has been achieved through a painstaking process of research and development to accommodate as many types, and dimensions of bottles as possible. Call it the democracy of wine bottles.

    1. Durability 

    Our racks are built to last long. This is visible in the kind of materials that we use, the technology that goes into building them, as well as the care that is taken in the process of building (quality assurance). We offer you the best of the best when it comes durability. 
    Bottles come in sizes, shapes and weight, your rack comes in flexible cable. 
    Do well to get one of our racks for your bottles. They would love it.

  • CABLE WINE SYSTEMS Are Sold Internationally and Fit In Every Home

    Thanks to technological innovations and the constant search for knowledge, the world is dynamic, and wine storage is no exception. Over a decade ago, it was the norm to have heavy-duty wooden shelves against the wall serve as cellars. Today, however, the system is changing and adjusting to accommodate new cable wine racking systems in bid to eliminate some of the challenges with the traditional wine cellars.
    Introducing the Cable Wine Racking System
    Our cable wine racking systems are a phenomenal invention of functionality, appeal and durability, and they are changing the wine industry forever. 
    Cable wine racks are built with functionality and aesthetics in mind. These racks don’t just hold your wine in place. They do so in the most aesthetic manner possible, making your wine collection look like a trophy room or wall, plus, they keep the products in optimal conditions, little wonder why our cable wine systems are sold internationally
     Types of Racks We Offer 
    At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, we are very particular about the type of products we let into the market. We ensure that our products speak of our commitment towards better wine storage hence the referrals and widespread demand.
    Below are some of our cable racks:

    1. Custom wine racks

    The sole purpose of our custom wine racking system is to meet your taste and serve effectively as a storage area for your collector bottles. Wherever you choose to place your custom wine rack is perfectly fine. After all, that is what it was built for. 

    1. Contemporary wine racks

    These racks are built to change the way you stack up your wine. Built from metal, these wine racks are the perfect fit for your home as they come with a touch of versatility, quality and sophistication. If you are looking for a rack that will exude your class and taste, then perhaps the contemporary wine racks are for you. These racks understandably sell internationally.  

    1. Metal wine racking

    Talk about luxury, functionality and durability. That’s what our metal wine racking is all about. We have built the most exquisite rack you can find in the market from pure steel materials to ensure a long-lasting, durable and flexible wine racking solution. Clients from all over the world contact us for this sturdy wine racking solution, especially in more unforgiving terrain.
    What’s Unique about Our Racks and Why You Should Get One

    1. Quality 

    Our racks are built from the finest of materials possible. We put together the best materials possible to create functional, yet beautiful wine racks. 

    1. Functionality and versatility 

    Our racks are very functional and equally versatile as they can hold in wine bottles of different shapes, weights, and sizes. You never again have to worry about the size of the bottle or its shape, or even its weight for that matter. 

    1. Durability 

    Cable wine system racks are built to last six lifetimes. This is visible with regards to the kind of materials that we use, the technology which goes into building them, as well as the care taken during the installation process. We offer you the best of the best when it comes durability. 
    Get a wine rack from us today. It would be the best of the decision you can make. Even your wine bottles will love it and thank you for it.

  • Modern Design And Our Cable System Are A Perfect Match

    Think of peanut butter and jam or cheese and wine, these are good comparison to how our system fits and flows so well with modern cellar or home design.
    Initially, wines were stored in caves and such caves provided the right environment for wines to be stored as they were dark, had the perfect temperature and humidity, and the wine containers were able to fit into the cave holes. With modernization of course, the system of storing wine in caves was no longer necessary and since necessity is the mother of invention, the need to provide a platform for storing wine collections under the right conditions led to the production of suitable wine racks.
    These wine racks have also passed through various stages of modernization to fit into the needs and current trends of the society at whatever point they are currently. Consequently, the styles and materials used in producing these wine racks began to change with time due to constant exploration and the changing tastes of clients.
    Products of this era tend to be made with the view of providing efficiency while retaining a stylish and elegant look. Hence, just like in other industries, wine racks are being made to reflect these extant modern trends and needs.
    When it comes to wine racking, the cable wine racking system represents the system which is most adapted to suit the current modern trend and design, made from high quality stainless steel material, it doesn’t rust and ensures durability. The cable wine system is specially designed to fit modern trends in the following aspects:

    • Style: The cable wine racking systems are very fashionable and have a luxurious feel to existent designs. They are designed to fit into modern taste and criteria. The styles are also designed to fit into any kind of home, while exuding an air of elegance and class to any environment it is placed in.


    • Durability: Cable wine racking systems are made of anti-rust stainless steel materials and are designed to be sturdy and durable. This ticks the boxes of modern-day needs for durability, aesthetics and quality. The cable racks are held together by strong tension wooden materials at the top and bottom to ensure rigidity and strength.


    • Efficiency: Modern day need for products that are efficient in performing the tasks they are made for has been reflected in the way the cable wine racks are designed. They are made to store wine bottles horizontally (the best position for storing wines). The spaces between the bottles are just perfect to maintain an airy balance in a bid to avoid high temperatures.

    The racks are also designed to hold the bottles securely to keep them from rolling off and breaking. The spacing, on the other hand, is just perfect to keep them from striking each other.

    • Ease: Modern designs are made in such a way as to bring ease to users. This is reflected in the way the cable wine racks are built to allow for easy access and storage of wine. With cable wine racks, users can easily stock in their wines and pull them out with ease. The wine racks are also designed to enable the users easily spot the wine they require from whatever angle they are looking from regardless of the number of bottles that have been stocked.


    • Multi-Purpose: Modern day designs are made to ensure that products can perform as many functions as possible. The cable wine rack fit this description in that it is not useful for storing wines alone, it also adds a certain elegance to the room it occupies.

    Cable wine racks are made to effectively store wines for as long as possible under the right conditions and at the same time fit into interior designs.

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