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  • Commercial Wine Racks & Displays for Restaurants, Wine Bars and Lounges

    Installing commercial wine racks and displays for your restaurant, wine bar or wine lounge that is luxurious and appealing to the most discerning eye, can drive wine sales and profits.

    Wine racks may be used to meet home needs a lot more frequently, this doesn’t make wine racks an esoteric essential for home cellars, or individual use alone. If you run a restaurant, wine bar, or a lounge, then wine is an intricate part of your business, and if wine is a part of your business, then the need for a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing wine rack becomes an item at the top of your priority list. 

    A plethora of wine racking solutions exist, and in varying shapes, dimensions, and finishes. This results in a classic case of the paradox of choice, making it extremely difficult to choose the perfect wine racking system for your business. Thankfully, wine racking solution experts, CABLE WINE SYSTEMS is without a doubt an industry-leading company in this regard. A team of seasoned professionals who are ready to make recommendations, listen to your need and come up with a wine-racking system which meets your taste, and maintains maximum functionality. 

    When it comes to wine racking systems, CABLE WINE SYSTEMS offers some of the best racks in allure and functionality. For us, wine storage is a sacred art, hence the reason for our devotion in time, resources, and energy into producing the best racks out there. We go through all of this, just for you. 

    We understand the need for the wine rack in your bar, restaurant, or lounge to exude finesse and excellence in an attempt to project the premium status of your business to prospective customers. In line with this, we have created very simple, yet sophisticated commercial wine racks to meet with your everyday needs. 

    Using some of the best materials, machinery, and manufacturing process in the industry, we have crafted for you the perfect racking system.

    At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, popular wine racking solutions include, wine display islands, corner display racks, and cube bins. No matter your needs with regard to commercial wine storage, we will provide. 

    Below are some of the properties which drive our commercial wine racking manufacturing process:


     At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, our racks are built to epitomize the beauty of wine. We don’t just help you stack them, we help you display your collection. 

    Your wine should be stored such that it endears the taste buds of wine lovers, and tickles the adventure in prospective wine enthusiasts. The rack itself will add to your bar that finishing touch it has always lacked.


    The size of your wine collection is of little relevance as our racks are built on a budgetary basis. Thus, there’s a commercial wine rack for everyone depending on your budget, and needs. 

    No matter the size of your bar, lounge, or restaurant, or the number of wine bottles you intend to store, we can make something worthwhile happen for you.


    One of the factors that set CABLE WINE SYSTEMS apart from the rest in the commercial wine racking industry is the versatility of our wine racking systems. When you use our racks, the variations in the sizes of your wine bottles are accounted for, as these racks are built to accommodate bottles of all dimensions, shapes, and sizes. 

    Visibility and Accessibility

    What is a storage system if it isn’t easily accessible? 

    One of the watchwords at CABLE WINE SYSTEMS is ease. For us, it makes little sense if you have an aesthetically pleasing commercial wine racking system which is lacking functionally. Perhaps it’s a mounted wine racking system which requires that the bartender climbs a stool whenever he/she wants to get a bottle of wine for a customer. 

    This is one of the major reasons why we have built our racks in a minimalist manner, to make your job easy, and maintain a premium allure. 

    Why You Should Get One of Our Commercial wine Racking Solutions.

    Premium Quality

    You deserve the best, and you should go for nothing less. CABLE WINE SYSTEMS delivers the best wine commercial racking solutions, made from premium materials. These racks are exquisite and can stand the test of time.


    When you want a rack that grows old with you, and your business without tiring out, then you want a rack from CABLE WINE SYSTEMS. Our racks are built with quality materials to ensure functionality and durability. With CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, you can be certain that they would stand the test of time. 


    At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, racks are built to be as functional as they are beautiful. Our commercial collection can fit in anywhere within your business premises, outdoor, or indoor. Tired of incurring losses in broken bottles of wine? Get a functional wine racking solution from CABLE WINE SYSTEMS.

    As a company that has been around for a while, our track record speaks for us. Testimonials and reviews serve as a testament to our abilities, hence our persistent efforts towards ensuring continuous improvement in the quality of our systems.

    Get a Rack Today 

    Do the needful. Take that all-important step and get one of our racks today. Your bottles will love you for it. Your customers will love you for it. At the end of the day, you will be satisfied because you made the right decision when it mattered.

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  • Any Size Wine Collection Can Use Our Wine Racking System

    Our Wine Racking Systems Can Fit Wine Collections of Any Size

    Wine racking has grown beyond simply making racks of set dimensions for all clients. These days, many more considerations are affecting the racking systems. Some of such factor include the increasing demand for more versatile racks, with studier designs and appealing allure. Thanks to continuous technological advancement and research into materials and metallurgy, we at CABLE WINE SYSTEMS remain at the top of the pack. 
    At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, we believe in meeting the peculiar needs of every wine collector, thus, we understand the challenges involved with having to store wine bottles that fail to fit into existing cellar arrangements. It naturally makes for a messier environment and increases the risk of injury and losses in terms of broken wine bottles. To solve these challenges, we at CABLE WINE SYSTEMS have made our racks to fit whatever dimensions of wine you have.

    When We Build Our Racks

    When building our racks, we have three basic considerations. All wine bottles cannot be the same in size, shape, and weight. So we build our racks to favor every single one of these criteria.
    Our racks are painstakingly designed to accommodate bottles of any size. It really doesn’t matter what size your bottles are. We have a solution for everyone, plus, you need not worry about the integration of such cable racks into your space, as our team of seasoned experts ensures that functionality and looks remain at the topmost part of our priorities.  
    At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, we specialize in the manufacture and implementation of racks, and as such, possess years of unbeatable experience in this regard. We understand the industry-standard range of traditional wine bottles, as well as the guidelines to ensure that the wine remains in the best condition possible overtime. 
    This is why we build our wine racks in such a unique manner to accommodate bottles of different shapes.
    Equally important is the weight of the bottles. All wine bottles don’t weigh the same. CABLE WINE SYSTEMS has combated this challenge by making our racks from the best materials possible. Our racks are strong enough to hold in any kind of wine bottle you may want to place on them.
    Our wine racks have been built to be versatile, and functional across the board. It doesn’t matter what brand you want to rack, simply trust us to be your universal wine racking system provider.

    What’s Unique about Our Racks and Why You Should Get One

    1. Quality 

    Our racks are built from the finest of materials possible. This has been achieved through a painstaking process of research and development to accommodate as many types, and dimensions of bottles as possible. Call it the democracy of wine bottles.

    1. Durability 

    Our racks are built to last long. This is visible in the kind of materials that we use, the technology that goes into building them, as well as the care that is taken in the process of building (quality assurance). We offer you the best of the best when it comes durability. 
    Bottles come in sizes, shapes and weight, your rack comes in flexible cable. 
    Do well to get one of our racks for your bottles. They would love it.

  • CABLE WINE SYSTEMS Are Sold Internationally and Fit In Every Home

    Thanks to technological innovations and the constant search for knowledge, the world is dynamic, and wine storage is no exception. Over a decade ago, it was the norm to have heavy-duty wooden shelves against the wall serve as cellars. Today, however, the system is changing and adjusting to accommodate new cable wine racking systems in bid to eliminate some of the challenges with the traditional wine cellars.
    Introducing the Cable Wine Racking System
    Our cable wine racking systems are a phenomenal invention of functionality, appeal and durability, and they are changing the wine industry forever. 
    Cable wine racks are built with functionality and aesthetics in mind. These racks don’t just hold your wine in place. They do so in the most aesthetic manner possible, making your wine collection look like a trophy room or wall, plus, they keep the products in optimal conditions, little wonder why our cable wine systems are sold internationally
     Types of Racks We Offer 
    At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS, we are very particular about the type of products we let into the market. We ensure that our products speak of our commitment towards better wine storage hence the referrals and widespread demand.
    Below are some of our cable racks:

    1. Custom wine racks

    The sole purpose of our custom wine racking system is to meet your taste and serve effectively as a storage area for your collector bottles. Wherever you choose to place your custom wine rack is perfectly fine. After all, that is what it was built for. 

    1. Contemporary wine racks

    These racks are built to change the way you stack up your wine. Built from metal, these wine racks are the perfect fit for your home as they come with a touch of versatility, quality and sophistication. If you are looking for a rack that will exude your class and taste, then perhaps the contemporary wine racks are for you. These racks understandably sell internationally.  

    1. Metal wine racking

    Talk about luxury, functionality and durability. That’s what our metal wine racking is all about. We have built the most exquisite rack you can find in the market from pure steel materials to ensure a long-lasting, durable and flexible wine racking solution. Clients from all over the world contact us for this sturdy wine racking solution, especially in more unforgiving terrain.
    What’s Unique about Our Racks and Why You Should Get One

    1. Quality 

    Our racks are built from the finest of materials possible. We put together the best materials possible to create functional, yet beautiful wine racks. 

    1. Functionality and versatility 

    Our racks are very functional and equally versatile as they can hold in wine bottles of different shapes, weights, and sizes. You never again have to worry about the size of the bottle or its shape, or even its weight for that matter. 

    1. Durability 

    Cable wine system racks are built to last six lifetimes. This is visible with regards to the kind of materials that we use, the technology which goes into building them, as well as the care taken during the installation process. We offer you the best of the best when it comes durability. 
    Get a wine rack from us today. It would be the best of the decision you can make. Even your wine bottles will love it and thank you for it.

  • Modern Design And Our Cable System Are A Perfect Match

    Think of peanut butter and jam or cheese and wine, these are good comparison to how our system fits and flows so well with modern cellar or home design.
    Initially, wines were stored in caves and such caves provided the right environment for wines to be stored as they were dark, had the perfect temperature and humidity, and the wine containers were able to fit into the cave holes. With modernization of course, the system of storing wine in caves was no longer necessary and since necessity is the mother of invention, the need to provide a platform for storing wine collections under the right conditions led to the production of suitable wine racks.
    These wine racks have also passed through various stages of modernization to fit into the needs and current trends of the society at whatever point they are currently. Consequently, the styles and materials used in producing these wine racks began to change with time due to constant exploration and the changing tastes of clients.
    Products of this era tend to be made with the view of providing efficiency while retaining a stylish and elegant look. Hence, just like in other industries, wine racks are being made to reflect these extant modern trends and needs.
    When it comes to wine racking, the cable wine racking system represents the system which is most adapted to suit the current modern trend and design, made from high quality stainless steel material, it doesn’t rust and ensures durability. The cable wine system is specially designed to fit modern trends in the following aspects:

    • Style: The cable wine racking systems are very fashionable and have a luxurious feel to existent designs. They are designed to fit into modern taste and criteria. The styles are also designed to fit into any kind of home, while exuding an air of elegance and class to any environment it is placed in.


    • Durability: Cable wine racking systems are made of anti-rust stainless steel materials and are designed to be sturdy and durable. This ticks the boxes of modern-day needs for durability, aesthetics and quality. The cable racks are held together by strong tension wooden materials at the top and bottom to ensure rigidity and strength.


    • Efficiency: Modern day need for products that are efficient in performing the tasks they are made for has been reflected in the way the cable wine racks are designed. They are made to store wine bottles horizontally (the best position for storing wines). The spaces between the bottles are just perfect to maintain an airy balance in a bid to avoid high temperatures.

    The racks are also designed to hold the bottles securely to keep them from rolling off and breaking. The spacing, on the other hand, is just perfect to keep them from striking each other.

    • Ease: Modern designs are made in such a way as to bring ease to users. This is reflected in the way the cable wine racks are built to allow for easy access and storage of wine. With cable wine racks, users can easily stock in their wines and pull them out with ease. The wine racks are also designed to enable the users easily spot the wine they require from whatever angle they are looking from regardless of the number of bottles that have been stocked.


    • Multi-Purpose: Modern day designs are made to ensure that products can perform as many functions as possible. The cable wine rack fit this description in that it is not useful for storing wines alone, it also adds a certain elegance to the room it occupies.

    Cable wine racks are made to effectively store wines for as long as possible under the right conditions and at the same time fit into interior designs.

  • Our Cable Wine Racking Systems Are Sold All Over The World

    Cable wines systems are sold all over the world, and understandably so. Wine enthusiasts the world over understand that old wine is the best when it comes to taste and quality. They also understand the intricacies involved in proper wine storage.
    To get premium quality old wines, you would need to store them in suitable for racks for that purpose and because the type of wine racks you get determines to a great extent how good your wine aging process turns out to be, it is important for you to consider a number of factors before purchasing one.
    Here are some of the reasons why cable wine systems are a priority consideration for wine enthusiasts all over the world:

    • Size: Wines should be stored in racks that suit their sizes to get the best results out of storage. Wines come in different bottle shapes and sizes and so do wine racks. Just like you can’t fit square pegs into round holes, some wine racks aren’t just suitable for some wine bottles, so you need to consider the kind of wine bottles you’d be storing in order to get the wine rack that suits its size.

    Thankfully, regardless of the size of your wine bottles, cable wine racks will almost certainly accommodate, hence the elimination of multiple wine racks for the singular purpose of storing wine.

    • Space: You would need to look at the available space for placing these racks and select the one that can fit into the available space. Again, yet another win for cable rack systems as they tend to be flexible and can fit into just about any space.


    • Capacity: Not only should you check out for space, but you should also check out for wine capacity too. Your wine rack should be able to accommodate all the wine bottles you wish to have.


    • Price: Just like every other product, your wine rack shouldn’t be too expensive such that it drills a substantial hole in your finances. You should draft your budget and select a wine rack within that range.


    • Quality: You should never compromise on the quality of your wine rack. Your wine rack should be made up of the best quality materials to ensure durability.


    • Aesthetics: Wine racks should add to the beauty of whatever environment they occupy. A beautifully designed wine rack gives your home a touch of class and elegance, so ensure to select very beautiful ones that add value to your interior decorations. Think of it as killing two birds with a stone.


    • Availability: No matter how good a wine rack is, it should be readily available to clients whenever they may need it to ensure that the preferred wine racking system is consistent.

    Cable Wines Systems
    Cable wines systems are inarguably the best when it comes to wine racking systems. They are produced to fit modern wine storage needs and are classy, elegant, cost-effective, and made from quality rust-free stainless steel material.
    Cable wine systems are versatile which means that they can accommodate wine bottles of varying sizes and are also spaced in such a way that there is adequate air between bottles. They are also very affordable and most importantly, available all around the world which means that you don’t have to worry about consistency in using cable wine systems.
    Wherever you are around the world whether in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Australia, or the cold borders of Antarctica, cable wine systems are sold everywhere from the East to the West.

  • Our Cable System Stands The Test Of Time

    What do you look out for when you choose a wine-racking system? Is it quality, capacity, affordability, availability or durability? No matter what your idea of the perfect wine rack system is, the cable wine system will exceed your expectations.
    Introduction to the Cable Wine Racking System
    Wine racking systems are used to store wines for long periods of time. Wines get better with age and in order to get the best of its flavors, they would have to be stored for a certain duration during which they tend to undergo steady and continuous changes until a point when they can be said to have attained premium quality.
    To ensure that wines undergo a series of qualitative changes while being stored, they have to be placed under very favorable conditions, and in good positions too. Wines need to be exposed to the right amount of light, temperature, humidity, among other conditions for them to age properly and even at that, these conditions must be continuous and free from extreme fluctuations. To guarantee that these conditions are met, wine racks were introduced. Wine racks are cabinet-like equipment made for the purpose of housing wines for storage under the right atmospheric conditions.
    As expected, these racks have evolved over time to make room for structural adjustments and changing trends. To this end, new wine racks have been made that ensure that wine racks represent current trends and needs in style, capacity, durability, versatility and so on. The newest of such modern trend is the cable wine racking systems.
    Cable wine racking systems are designed to be elegant, sophisticated, and yet efficient, strong and long-lasting. They are made of rust-free stainless steel cable materials. The racks are connected to solid tension materials at both ends to make it as sturdy a wine rack as can be.
    To meet up with the need for quality and durability, cable rack wines are made from the finest quality materials in the market. You can never go wrong with a cable wine system as they can even be custom-made to suit your specific requirements.
    Parts of Cable Wine Systems
    The cable wine racking system comes in detachable parts which together project the quality and aesthetic appeal of these racks. They include

    • The double side clamp
    • The right side clamp
    • The ball cable
    • The tension set

    These parts are specially produced to help strengthen the lifespan of the racks.
    Why our cable wine racking system stands the test of time.
    Nothing, they say lasts forever but our cable wine racking systems are made to prove that saying wrong. We realize just how disheartening it is for our clients to purchase a wine rack, expecting it to at least function for a considerable number of years only to be met with the disappointment associated with substandard products.
    We care about our customers and we live to see a smile on our clients’ faces when they request racks from friends and family, and drive referrals to our outlets. This is why we take great care to select the best quality materials available for our cable racking system.
    The system is then coupled together by the most experienced hands in the business, with an eye for detail to bring you a flawless finishing.
    Our racks are made from the finest quality of stainless steel cables that have been verified to be anti-rust. This means that the quality of your racks will never wane.
    The racks are held together by chromed solid brass connecting clamps and tension mounts which act as strong pillars to make sure that they are well supported to ensure that broken bottles are as scarce a sight as a sighting of the kepler-1647B.
    We have built our integrity over the years by dealing in wine racks and accessories that are of the highest quality available, and we would never relent in making sure that our standards are never compromised. We strive to keep our customers a step ahead with regard to wine storage by building our cable racks with better quality materials every day.
    This is why our products have constantly stood the test of time, and have been easily identified as the best quality wine rack products available in the market today.

  • Why Cable Wine Racking Systems Are Superior

    Everyone loves wine and we need not ask why. Wine is arguably the most sophisticated drink, suitable for any occasion, and compliments any food. Apart from the class and elegance it brings to social gatherings, its health benefits cannot be overstated. Wine also plays quite the role in social bonding scenarios, creating fond memories between friends and family.
    Another special feature about wine is that unlike every other kind of drink, it gets better over time, and how beautiful the aura projected by a decade-old wine is. Thus, the reason why wine lovers leave a really good wine stored away for long periods of time in a bid to get the best out of it.
    Wine Storage
    When keeping wine away for long periods, it’s important to store wine bottles in very good storage spaces and under the right environment in order to get the best out of old wines, and to make sure that they attain premium quality.
    Wine dealers and enthusiasts alike understand the importance of wine storage, and that is why they invest so much in wine racks in order to properly, conveniently and safely store their wine collections over long periods.
    Why wine racks are important
    You can’t do with proper storage of wine without quality wine racks. Wine racks represent a very important part of winery as an art as it provides the right storage conditions for wines especially when it relates to the following:

    • Temperature: Wines are elegant and sophisticated drinks and their methods of storage should be too. It is not enough to keep your wine collection in once place for long periods, it’s important also that they remain under stable low temperatures. Wine racks are the best storage facilities to ensure the kind of stable temperature and humidity which wines need to attain peak quality.


    • Light: Wines need to be stored in dark places to avoid the harmful sunlight effects from affecting the aging process. Wine racks are necessary to achieve this.


    • Positioning: Wines should be stored in a horizontal position. The challenge with storing wine on the sides is the high risk of rollover. Thankfully, with wine racks, your wines are protected from falling.

    The best wine racking systems:
    Remember we told you how sophisticated, delicate and elegant wines are? Well, apart from just storing your wines in racks, you would still have to choose a racking system that is best suited for the kind of wines you intend to store.
    There are lots of wine racking systems available in the market today ranging from wine storage boxes, synthetic racks to acrylic wine racking systems and a whole lot of others. So far, the cable wine racking systems have been proven to be a symbol of taste, class, and functionality among most others.
    The cable wine racking system is stylish and made out of high-quality, anti-rust stainless steel materials and they are securely attached to wooden rails at the top and bottom. Cable wine racks are particularly preferred for the following reasons:

    • Class: Wines are exotic drinks and it goes without saying that they should be stored in the classiest of manners. Cable racking systems are a blend of beauty and functionality and can be used to conveniently add a touch of class to your interior design, while meeting all standard requirements of a wine rack.


    • Versatility: In wine storage, it is very important that wines are placed in rack sizes that are exactly the right fit for them. The challenge, however, is that wines come in different shapes and sizes while most wine racks are made to suit a particular size of wine. This poses a lot of difficulty for people who wish to store different sizes of wine.

    To avoid the associated costs and wasted space expended by stocking different types of racks, it only makes sense to install the cable racking system which is superior to others as it allows for storing wines of different dimensions.

    • Viewing: The transparent nature of cable racks makes it easy for individual bottles to be easily viewed and located in whatever direction as opposed to other kinds of racks.

    Cable racks are also well known for their high quality and should never be left out when making wine rack choices.

  • American Wine Consumers: Who They Are And Why They Need A Cable Wine System

    Wines are loved by all, Americans included. This is because wines are sophisticated drinks which add elegance to social gatherings, can be used on any occasion, and is a good complement for any food at all.
    Americans love the luxurious, so it’s no surprise that their preferred choice of social drinks would be one which reflects such luxury and sophistication.
    Americans love the good things of life, and this preference for the better crops of the harvest shows in the way wines are fast becoming an integral part of the American culture. According to statistics, America is the largest wine consuming country in the world, with the rate of wine consumption still growing.
    Wine production has become one of the most attractive and rewarding business ventures in the country, especially as the demand of fine wines is constantly on the increase. Wine production is also a low-risk investment as wines tend to become better as they age. There are currently up to 8000 wineries in the country and counting, and this is because Americans love to make use of every opportunity to dine and wine, wine being the perfect choice of beverages for all their meals.
    Where are the wine consumers?
    While Americans are generally known for their love of wines, some states in the US stand out as being the highest consumers of the products and guess what? It’s California, followed by Idaho, DC, New Hampshire and Vermont who guzzle up the most wine. These heavy wine consumers cut across different cultures, professions, ages, and sizes.
    It is no wonder why California has been said to be the largest producer of wine in the state, producing up to 89% of all made in the U.S. wines with Washington, New York, Oregon and Texas taking the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th positions respectively.
    Why these wine consumers need a cable system
    Storage goes hand in hand with production. It would be a shame and a huge waste of production funds if wines are produced without the capacity to be stored properly to ensure that they are in the best qualitative state upon consumption.
    Following the rate at which wines are produced in the country, wine racks have also been made to complement wine production, the best and most modern wine racks being the cable wine racks. The cable wine racks are made from the choicest anti-rust stainless steel cable materials with strong brass tension mounts and other structural support materials to ensure that it stands the test of time.
    The cable wine racks come in different forms, shapes, and styles and includes the luxury wine racks, the contemporary wine racks and very importantly, the custom wine racks which means that wine racks can be customized to suit your specific taste and requirements.
    In practice, you can never go wrong with the cable wine racking system and below are some of the reasons why the teeming population of wine consuming Americans need to purchase a cable wine racking system for their wines:

    • Luxury and Class: American wine consumers love luxury. They love the exotic and the sophistication that goes along with being the elegant people that they are. This can be deduced from the wine choices that they make on a regular basis, hence, it is only wise that their wine racks are no exception. The cable wine racks are the most luxurious and sophisticated wine racks in the market today, with features that make them look as though they were floating in the air alongside other special features, it goes without saying that the American wine consumers need these cable rack to further highlight the exoticness of their wines.


    • Quality: American Wine consumers don’t just love the luxury and sophistication of wine, they go for quality too. This is why they specially need our cable wine racks which are made from quality materials.


    • Versatility: American consumers love to experiment with different flavors and variety of wine. These wines come in different shapes and sizes and would need to be stored in racks that can accommodate their different sizes.

    Majority of racks in the market are made to suit specific sizes of wine and will not be able to store wines in bigger sizes. With the cable wine racks, wines from 50 ml and above (up to 500 ML) can be accommodated, making it a real need for every American home.

  • How Our System Fits In Any Home Or Cellar

    Have you tried our cable wine system? What was the first impression or the first need you noticed? Well, from the surveys carried out, our clients seemed to fall in love with our cable wine racking system for the mere fact that it fits into any home or cellar.
    As a wine lover, storing bottles of age-old wines is not necessarily an unlikely endeavor, however, the question remains, just how efficient is your storage space. Perhaps you may want to store away some bottles of really good wine for a very special occasion in the future, or just to have a vintage wine in your collection and brag about it to anyone who dares listen.
    Wine lovers know that old wine is the best wine, and the analogy of old wine has been used many times to compliment older people who are said to ‘age like old wine’.
    Quality wine would reach its premium quality when it gets old. This is because wine doesn’t stop evolving even after it has been bottled. Chemical reactions continue to take place long after to bring out the best out of its flavors.
    Now it is not only important that wines are left to age, but they should also be stored away under the right atmospheric and lighting conditions, as well as placed properly in a way that helps the wine age slowly yet beautifully.
    The wine racks have been produced to make this process as seamless as possible because they provide the right platform to store these wines in the right position and environment. Of all available wine racking systems today, cable wine racks are the most widely preferred, and for a lot of reasons. For some, the cable system is more preferred because of its modern outlook and sophistication, for some, it’s because of its affordability and quality, for others, it’s because of their sheer versatility. No matter the reasons for your preference of cable wine racking systems over others, a shared pro of cable wine racking system has to do with its ability to fit into every home or cellar.
    Does it fit?
    One really important factor that should not be ignored when choosing wine racks is how well it fits into your home or cellar. Wine racks shouldn’t be bought for the sake of storage alone, considerations must to put into how well it fits into prospective homes or cellars and how well it adds to the quality of the interior designs. There is little to no appeal in purchasing a wine rack which makes your house look unattractive and totally unimpressive.
    Cable wine racking systems represent a functional, yet aesthetically pleasing option for your wine racking needs. It saves you the trouble and extra costs or even loss of valuable space of buying different sizes of wine racks to fit different bottle sizes.
    How Cable Wine racking system would fit into your home or cellar.
    If you are new to wine racking, it’s understandable that you may be skeptical about buying a really good wine raking system that fits into your space perfectly. You don’t have to be bothered as there are a lot of reasons why you should consider choosing the cable system for your home.
    Capacity: No matter how small your house or cellar is, there is a cable wine racking system that fits into that space. You never have to worry about purchasing a wine rack that may be too big to fit into your home.
    Aesthetics/Interior decoration: Another way cable wine racking system fits into any home or cellar lies in its ability to enhance the beauty of whatever environment it is placed in.
    Cable wine racking systems are made out of the best quality of stainless steel material, projecting an exotic and sophisticated look. Regardless of the color or outlook of your interior designs, a cable wine racking system will blend in to bring about a touch of elegance and style, while maintaining a sturdy functional base to keep your wine safe.

  • What Type Of Collection Requires A Cable Wine System

    Wine racks are used to store wines away for extended periods of time so they age slowly and properly to get the best out of the wine flavors. Just as wines come in different shapes, content, styles, etc., wine racks come in various shapes and designs, and are made to house specific types of wine bottles. Care should be taken when selecting wine racks for storing your bottles to avoid purchasing a rack which is incompatible with the bottles you plan to store in it, thereby defeating the purpose for which it was bought in the first place.
    Odds are that you already have some wine bottles which you wish to store for future purposes for whatever reason, and even if you don’t have your wines already, you plan on getting some specific collections of wine. Discovering that wine racks are made to fit only specific collection of wine sizes can be daunting for a wine lover or investor who would need to store a variety of wines with different sizes and shapes. It would mean a need to continue purchasing different types of wine racks to accommodate the various wine sizes and this can be very costly and also space-consuming.
    If you are facing this kind of dilemma, there’s good news for you. You never have to worry about buying different kinds of wine racks to fit in the various collections of wine that you have. With the cable wine racking system, you can be assured of an easy, durable, affordable and accommodating wine rack that would fit the different wine collections that you have. Cable wine racking systems are made from the finest quality stainless steel with anti-rust components and also adaptations that help to store different kinds of wine in the same rack. It is also hinged on strong wooden platforms above and below the racks to ensure that your wine bottles are kept securely in place without fear of them falling.
    Wine collections that require the use of cable wine racking system
    Almost all kinds and variety of wine can be accommodated by the cable time racking system, but some kinds of wine would obviously need to be stored in the cable system more than others as a result of peculiar features which make them most adaptable to cable wine racking systems.
    We have listed and analyzed these wine collections below:

    • Variety of bottle shapes and sizes from 50 ML to 500 ML: Most wine racking systems are built to accommodate the common sizes of wine which usually fall below 50 ML. This means that it would be more difficult finding wine racks that can accommodate wine bottles with shapes and sizes that are above 50 ML. The cable wine racking system, however, is built to fit wine sizes of up to 500 ML. This means that bigger sizes of wine require a cable system for storage.


    • Wine collections that require controlled temperatures: Cable systems are well suited for wines that require constant and stable controlled temperature for efficient storage. This is because cable wine systems are designed to be minimalistic, allowing for continuous airflow while regulating temperature.


    • Luxury Collections: No other type of wine racking system can bring you the feel of luxury, sophistication and elegance like the cable system does. It is thus natural that luxury brands of wine are paired with luxurious wine racks to avoid looking mismatched. Luxury wine collections would as a matter of fact need to be placed in the cable wine racking system as it is the only racking system that befits its status. This is especially true as the cable racks further projects the allure of having a wine collection by displaying the labels as opposed to other racks which hide these labels.


    • Wines with similar dimensions: Wine collections which share same dimensions or dimensions of close range specifically need to be stored in the cable system for easy identification. It would be confusing to identify bottles in other wine systems because they all look alike and are covered by the rack. To identify particular wine bottles with these racks, one would have to bring them out one after the other. Thankfully, the cable rack system eliminates this issue as you can see all the bottles at the same time regardless of just how alike the bottles appear in size and shape. With a simple eye inspection, you would be able to identify specific bottles.


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