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Last year brought us more time at our home than ever before, and in an effort to stay as safe as possible, that meant avoiding crowded parties and bars. It’s safe to say at-home consumption of wine and other alcohols skyrocketed in 2020, as well as the proof is in the data the shift in the wine consumption market was large to date. 2021 is sure to bring great in emerging wine trends, from sustainably-sourced ingredients to online delivery services. In the face of the coronavirus pandemic as well as the new year to come, here’re the wine fresh trends to expect in 2021. We must tell you that all 2021 new trends and fashion designs work fine with our wine system.

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Streaming Live Experiences is the New Oenotourism

Oenotourism will not be back for a while. Count on being transported to wine counties virtually, as new wine experiences vie with very famous Netflix. An entrepreneur known as Michael Baum created a tourism hub in Burgundy after purchasing the wine estate which is called Château de Pommard. Now he is releasing a platform that will stream live wine experiences around the world, with professional production values as well as an organic wine producer. In 2021, expect master-classes, wine pairing, music, interactive visits to 12 new wine regions.

Virtual Tastings Are the New Company Perks

Winery tasting room visits took a big hit in 2020, and winemakers rapidly pivoted to virtual tastings that permitted drinkers to get up close and personal with brands they love. These aren’t going away. But new development is the way corporations, that can’t lavish travel, tapped wineries to host special sessions for worker team-building and perks, a trend that is here to stay. Every worker gets mailed a certain set of bottles to sample at the house while participating. Virtual with the US which is launched recently has hired unemployed sommeliers to conduct tastings for companies like Johnson and Johnson and private birthday parties. The strange request? A Santa Claus-costumed to present the vino. Virtual with Us is now going worldwide. And for the hard stuff, the Cocktail Guru is leading virtual mixology classes for companies ranging from the London Stock Exchange to Pfizer.

Lightened-up Wine Options

A steady trend among millennial wine drinkers is to swap rich, sugary wines for light, fresh, and low-sugar options. This interest in lower-sugar and lower -sulfite wines has escalated exponentially during 2020 because as people consume more, they should feel better about what’s and is not in the wine that they are drinking. Lower-sulfite is another trend quietly brewing, as there has been a success with the addition of new sulfur-free wine, Cherries, and Rainbows. This wine is a natural, organic French blend with notes of fresh herbs, black cherry, fig.

Wine Seltzer Will Be the New Hard Seltzer

Expect celebrities to offer their interpretations of these dry alcohol drinks, in 2021. One can sample chef Gordon Ramsay’s brand-new Hell’s Seltzer line, with flavors inspired by dishes in his Hell’s Kitchen restaurants. A market research firm from the United Kingdom sees a coming push by the producers of wine to ride the hard seltzer wave. A wine brand called Barefoot launched four last spring that’s made from natural flavors, white wine, seltzer water, with a 4% alcohol. They are lighter than wine-based spritzers, which have more wine. Please allow new ones to be good.

Online Wine Access Will Get Way

Online sales are booming with growth in the 3 digits. It is reported that for small producers, it is around 153 percent. In 2021, expect new and expanded shopping sites and search engines. One will find it impressively comprehensive to navigate, with a design and info to appeal to everybody from newbies to connoisseurs. Collectors can sign up to receive texts when rare bottles they are hunting are available at a better cost.

The Wine Country Will Be Portugal in 2021

The thirst for finding rolls on and Portugal is becoming the new hot spot. Why did sales of the wines surge 35.1 percent in September alone in the United States? It is simple: quality-price ratio. They are inexpensive, delicious, food-friendly, and more than worth the price. Douro Valley reds are stunning, but for 2021 there is the newcomer region Alentejo, with its fresh, smoky red blends, aromatic, savory whites, plush, juicy, and all from unusual varieties, and fermented in clay amphora. The region boasts rock-star winemakers, a good sustainability program, and one-third of the cork forests of the world.

Sustainability Will Be the Big Eco-Word

Once a meaningless feel the best term in the wine industry, sustainability is beginning to reflect a serious commitment to carbon neutrality, green winery design, organic vines, and more. But wineries are expanding sustainability to mean economic or social accountability, too, which involves promoting racial, gender diversity and taking care of employees worries particularly necessary to young drinkers. More wineries, which includes wine giants, will promote the latest ethical wine initiatives such as the certified regenerative farming program, began by eco-warrior’s clothier Patagonia Incoporation., In 2021. Tablas Creek winery of California became the 1st winery to adopt its principles and get certified, in 2020. International Wineries for Climate Action will continue its mission while it was founded last year by Torres Family and Jackson Family Wines. There all new trends and fashion designs work with our wine system.

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