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The CABLE WINE SYSTEM® Wine Racking System vs. Traditional Wine Racking

There are several distinct advantages to using the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® over other more traditional wine racking storage systems.

  1. The CABLE WINE SYSTEM® allows for more wine collecting versatility than any other wine racking system available to date. The spacing of the cables within the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® is able to accommodate a much wider variety of bottle shapes and sizes (from 500ml to 1500ml) at no additional cost to the consumer.
  2. The minimalist nature of the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® allows for excellent label visibility throughout an entire wine display regardless of where particular bottles are situated. By positioning bottle labels for easy viewing (e.g. lower bottle labels facing up, higher bottle labels turned down), specific wine bottles can be easily located in any row or column of the system without having to disturb or remove any wine bottles from the system itself. The minimalist nature of the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® also ensures that there is continuous air flow throughout your entire wine collection or display, thereby permitting your wine temperatures to remain constant and consistent.
  3. Because the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® is assembled piece by piece on-site, spacing adjustments can be made to accommodate for customer preference with regards to bottle positioning. Although most standard installations are configured so that every bottle lies horizontally on its side, the hand assembled nature of the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® allows for flexibility for customers who prefer to store their bottles with the neck of the bottles slightly angled down. The vertical spacing between the horizontal cradling cables of the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® can also be adjusted to allow for more appreciation of a wall finish or simply to enjoy the view beyond the wine racking system itself.
  4. Various features such as angled displays and/or floating shelves can be incorporated almost anywhere within the design of the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® and a variety of accent lighting options can be used to illuminate your collection from above or below in order to customize the look of your wine display even further.

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