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Luxury Living with Metal Wine Racking

For many individuals, having the ability to display their collection of wine, whether it is small or extensive, has become a feature in their homes or businesses. This generation of homeowners has shown a newfound appreciation for drinking wine and are hoping to extend that appreciation beyond their social engagements. One way of doing this is by bringing the wine they enjoy into their homes, which more and more luxury homeowners have taken to doing.

This means homeowners are now finding inventive ways to store and display their wine collections. Wine cellars have traditionally been a popular way of not only displaying wine, but also of storing wine bottles in ideal conditions at ideal temperatures for long periods of time. Yet many of today’s homeowners are going one step further in showcasing their wine and wanting to display at least a portion of their collection in plain sight. One of the best solutions for this is to use stainless steel cable wine racks as their wine racking system of choice.

The Cable Wine Systems custom wine racking system offers homeowners the option of displaying their wine collection nearly anywhere in the home. This luxury wine racking system is versatile enough to be mounted underneath staircases or in other corners of the home that may not be accessible to less customizable racks. This allows homeowners the chance to display their wine in the location they choose without having to sacrifice style.

Cable Wine Systems has taken the time to develop a luxury wine racking system unlike any other currently available on the market. We use the finest quality stainless steel cables with chromed brass connecting clamps to provide homeowners with a product they can be proud of. We also created our racking system to be completely customizable for any home or establishment in accordance with the tastes or style of the owner or individual. Unlike traditional wooden wine racking, displaying your wine on the cable wine racking system enables you and your guests to visibly see each bottle’s label, further facilitating bottle retrieval while adding to the sophistication of your collection.

Having a wine collection is a luxury in itself and being able to have a luxury wine racking system installed in your home adds to the luxury you’ve afforded yourself and your family. Cable Wine Systems understands luxury, which is why we’ve developed a wine racking system that defines quality and sophistication with the flexibility to handle any number of bottles.

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