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Wine collectors today are looking for an easy way to store their collections. wood or cable wine racks are an option for you, but Cable Wine Systems offer a contemporary approach that fits the homeowner. Rather than aluminum and wood, the Cable Wine System uses good-quality stainless-steel cables with solid brass clamps and mounts finished in chrome and brushed nickel. The racks may be installed to manage wine collections of any size, and the double cable cradle system makes a floating impact as it holds the bottles in place. At Cable Wine System, our aim is to make safe and one of the best wine displays and storage areas. Cable Wine Systems for arranging wine was developed in Ontario, and Canada, In 2011. They made an innovative wine storage system, a more stylish choice than the traditional wood racking and conventional metal wine racks, and a racking that will complement the existing décor of their customer’s home and commercial establishment. With these aims in mind, they came up with a minimalist and latest racking solution that fits any budget. Cable Wine Systems have impressed designers, architects, and contractors. After receiving positive reviews and recommendations, Cable Wine Systems began to become more widely known globally due to the features and benefits it provides. The tension set, glass cradles, vertical, cables, and clamps make up the Cable Wine Systems. The function of the tension set is to anchor the top or bottom of the vertical cables. The clamps offer support to the horizontal cables.

Advantages of the Cable Wine System

Versatility is the 1st benefit of using the Cable Wine System. Unlike common wine racking systems, the Cable Wine System has the various bottle shapes or sizes available on market. Furthermore, this system may be installed anywhere to compliment a vast variety of aesthetic and design preferences. Quality is a trademark of the Cable Wine System. Collectors can expect the finest quality materials when buying this system. With the stainless-steel cable, the Cable Wine System is a quality thing in the industry. That good quality is equaled in the sophistication of the Cable Wine System wine racking system. With the flexibility to involve angled bottle displays, accent lighting, the double cable cradling system that makes wine bottles look as if they’re floating on air, there’s no other wine rack that can compare. While quality is impressive sufficient, practicality is an important benefit when using the Cable Wine System. By placing low bottles with the label facing up and high bottles with the label facing down, it becomes much easy to locate a certain wine’s bottle without having to unnecessarily browse via and disturb other bottles in your collection. Furthermore, the minimalist nature of the cables lets for good airflow and more consistent temperatures. The key thing to note about cable wine racking is that it must be installed professionally to make sure that the ceiling is appropriately reinforced to support the wine’s weight. To enjoy all of the benefits listed, homeowners need to avoid installing the system themselves.

The Minimalist Design of Cable Wine Systems Makes Your Space Look Clutter-Free

Cable Wine Systems are designed to display your bottles as if they’re floating in mid-air. These wine racks won’t leave guests in awe. It’ll offer a memorable experience in the new house wine cellar because its minimalist designs make a clutter-free interior.

Durable Materials to Match Your Space

Wine racks by Cable Wine Systems are prepared from brass clamps and durable stainless steel cables to prevent bottles from falling. You’ll be offered finish choices for the tension sets. For the clamps, you have one option, which is the Chrome end up.

Visibility of the Wine Labels

The Cable Wine Systems’ wine storage racks are designed for easy access to the bottles. They’re designed to hold bottles with the labels facing out. The bottles’ label stored at the top section of the racking is facing down through the label of the bottles in the bottom section is facing up. Keep in mind, you can select a racking design that holds the bottles in a cork-forward orientation.

Design Flexibility and Versatility

Another reason to love the wine racks from Cable Wine Systems is their design versatility and flexibility. These factors are important, so you’ll have the opportunity to decide how large the spacing between bottles will be. The spacing between the cables can be adjusted to fit Magnums, Champagnes, any bottle up to 1500ml. No more price is needed. You can also select a cable wine racking that stores the bottles with the neck angled down, and a combination of these racing styles. If you have some bottles in the collection, you can select to raise the horizontal row spacing. We can adjust the vertical spacing between the horizontal cables if you want the best wall and wall décor that you should show off. For the accent lighting, we will offer you beautiful ways to illuminate your residential and commercial wine cellar installed with the latest racking from Cable Wine Systems.

Contemporary Wine Racks

The contemporary wine racks from Cable Wine Systems were engineered to make attention-grabbing wine displays. A captivating wine room is best for those people who want to entertain their friends. A minimalist still elegant wine cellar will attract the attention of potential consumers and make wine sales.

Luxury Wine Racks from Cable Wine Systems

Luxurious wine cellars for homes and businesses don’t need a hefty amount of money or a big room. At Cable Wine system, we are offering contemporary wine racks to cater to the requirements of modern wine collectors who need to achieve a luxury wine room.

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