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  • Modern Design And Our Cable System Are A Perfect Match

    Think of peanut butter and jam or cheese and wine, these are good comparison to how our system fits and flows so well with modern cellar or home design. Initially, wines were stored in caves and such caves provided the right environment for wines to be stored as they were dark, had the perfect temperature
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  • Our Cable System Stands The Test Of Time

    What do you look out for when you choose a wine-racking system? Is it quality, capacity, affordability, availability or durability? No matter what your idea of the perfect wine rack system is, the cable wine system will exceed your expectations. Introduction to the Cable Wine Racking System Wine racking systems are used to store wines
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  • How Our System Fits In Any Home Or Cellar

    Have you tried our cable wine system? What was the first impression or the first need you noticed? Well, from the surveys carried out, our clients seemed to fall in love with our cable wine racking system for the mere fact that it fits into any home or cellar. As a wine lover, storing bottles
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  • Industrial Chic

    When the first loft conversions in Toronto started changing the condominium landscape 20 years ago, many were in awe of the raw structural elements such as polished concrete floors and posts, open beams and visible pipes and ductwork. While it all looked super cool, would these industrial elements work well in a residential setting? Over
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  • The minimalist nature of "The Cable Wine System"

    Are you a devotee of the philosophy ‘less is more’? If so, you may be a minimalist – someone who is interested in achieving happiness not through accumulating an excess of things, but through life experiences. Embracing minimalism doesn’t mean you have to do away with personal possessions and start backpacking across the world (although
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