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Think of peanut butter and jam or cheese and wine, these are good comparison to how our system fits and flows so well with modern cellar or home design.
Initially, wines were stored in caves and such caves provided the right environment for wines to be stored as they were dark, had the perfect temperature and humidity, and the wine containers were able to fit into the cave holes. With modernization of course, the system of storing wine in caves was no longer necessary and since necessity is the mother of invention, the need to provide a platform for storing wine collections under the right conditions led to the production of suitable wine racks.
These wine racks have also passed through various stages of modernization to fit into the needs and current trends of the society at whatever point they are currently. Consequently, the styles and materials used in producing these wine racks began to change with time due to constant exploration and the changing tastes of clients.
Products of this era tend to be made with the view of providing efficiency while retaining a stylish and elegant look. Hence, just like in other industries, wine racks are being made to reflect these extant modern trends and needs.
When it comes to wine racking, the cable wine racking system represents the system which is most adapted to suit the current modern trend and design, made from high quality stainless steel material, it doesn’t rust and ensures durability. The cable wine system is specially designed to fit modern trends in the following aspects:

  • Style: The cable wine racking systems are very fashionable and have a luxurious feel to existent designs. They are designed to fit into modern taste and criteria. The styles are also designed to fit into any kind of home, while exuding an air of elegance and class to any environment it is placed in.


  • Durability: Cable wine racking systems are made of anti-rust stainless steel materials and are designed to be sturdy and durable. This ticks the boxes of modern-day needs for durability, aesthetics and quality. The cable racks are held together by strong tension wooden materials at the top and bottom to ensure rigidity and strength.


  • Efficiency: Modern day need for products that are efficient in performing the tasks they are made for has been reflected in the way the cable wine racks are designed. They are made to store wine bottles horizontally (the best position for storing wines). The spaces between the bottles are just perfect to maintain an airy balance in a bid to avoid high temperatures.

The racks are also designed to hold the bottles securely to keep them from rolling off and breaking. The spacing, on the other hand, is just perfect to keep them from striking each other.

  • Ease: Modern designs are made in such a way as to bring ease to users. This is reflected in the way the cable wine racks are built to allow for easy access and storage of wine. With cable wine racks, users can easily stock in their wines and pull them out with ease. The wine racks are also designed to enable the users easily spot the wine they require from whatever angle they are looking from regardless of the number of bottles that have been stocked.


  • Multi-Purpose: Modern day designs are made to ensure that products can perform as many functions as possible. The cable wine rack fit this description in that it is not useful for storing wines alone, it also adds a certain elegance to the room it occupies.

Cable wine racks are made to effectively store wines for as long as possible under the right conditions and at the same time fit into interior designs.

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