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What do you look out for when you choose a wine-racking system? Is it quality, capacity, affordability, availability or durability? No matter what your idea of the perfect wine rack system is, the cable wine system will exceed your expectations.
Introduction to the Cable Wine Racking System
Wine racking systems are used to store wines for long periods of time. Wines get better with age and in order to get the best of its flavors, they would have to be stored for a certain duration during which they tend to undergo steady and continuous changes until a point when they can be said to have attained premium quality.
To ensure that wines undergo a series of qualitative changes while being stored, they have to be placed under very favorable conditions, and in good positions too. Wines need to be exposed to the right amount of light, temperature, humidity, among other conditions for them to age properly and even at that, these conditions must be continuous and free from extreme fluctuations. To guarantee that these conditions are met, wine racks were introduced. Wine racks are cabinet-like equipment made for the purpose of housing wines for storage under the right atmospheric conditions.
As expected, these racks have evolved over time to make room for structural adjustments and changing trends. To this end, new wine racks have been made that ensure that wine racks represent current trends and needs in style, capacity, durability, versatility and so on. The newest of such modern trend is the cable wine racking systems.
Cable wine racking systems are designed to be elegant, sophisticated, and yet efficient, strong and long-lasting. They are made of rust-free stainless steel cable materials. The racks are connected to solid tension materials at both ends to make it as sturdy a wine rack as can be.
To meet up with the need for quality and durability, cable rack wines are made from the finest quality materials in the market. You can never go wrong with a cable wine system as they can even be custom-made to suit your specific requirements.
Parts of Cable Wine Systems
The cable wine racking system comes in detachable parts which together project the quality and aesthetic appeal of these racks. They include

  • The double side clamp
  • The right side clamp
  • The ball cable
  • The tension set

These parts are specially produced to help strengthen the lifespan of the racks.
Why our cable wine racking system stands the test of time.
Nothing, they say lasts forever but our cable wine racking systems are made to prove that saying wrong. We realize just how disheartening it is for our clients to purchase a wine rack, expecting it to at least function for a considerable number of years only to be met with the disappointment associated with substandard products.
We care about our customers and we live to see a smile on our clients’ faces when they request racks from friends and family, and drive referrals to our outlets. This is why we take great care to select the best quality materials available for our cable racking system.
The system is then coupled together by the most experienced hands in the business, with an eye for detail to bring you a flawless finishing.
Our racks are made from the finest quality of stainless steel cables that have been verified to be anti-rust. This means that the quality of your racks will never wane.
The racks are held together by chromed solid brass connecting clamps and tension mounts which act as strong pillars to make sure that they are well supported to ensure that broken bottles are as scarce a sight as a sighting of the kepler-1647B.
We have built our integrity over the years by dealing in wine racks and accessories that are of the highest quality available, and we would never relent in making sure that our standards are never compromised. We strive to keep our customers a step ahead with regard to wine storage by building our cable racks with better quality materials every day.
This is why our products have constantly stood the test of time, and have been easily identified as the best quality wine rack products available in the market today.

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