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Everyone loves wine and we need not ask why. Wine is arguably the most sophisticated drink, suitable for any occasion, and compliments any food. Apart from the class and elegance it brings to social gatherings, its health benefits cannot be overstated. Wine also plays quite the role in social bonding scenarios, creating fond memories between friends and family.
Another special feature about wine is that unlike every other kind of drink, it gets better over time, and how beautiful the aura projected by a decade-old wine is. Thus, the reason why wine lovers leave a really good wine stored away for long periods of time in a bid to get the best out of it.
Wine Storage
When keeping wine away for long periods, it’s important to store wine bottles in very good storage spaces and under the right environment in order to get the best out of old wines, and to make sure that they attain premium quality.
Wine dealers and enthusiasts alike understand the importance of wine storage, and that is why they invest so much in wine racks in order to properly, conveniently and safely store their wine collections over long periods.
Why wine racks are important
You can’t do with proper storage of wine without quality wine racks. Wine racks represent a very important part of winery as an art as it provides the right storage conditions for wines especially when it relates to the following:

  • Temperature: Wines are elegant and sophisticated drinks and their methods of storage should be too. It is not enough to keep your wine collection in once place for long periods, it’s important also that they remain under stable low temperatures. Wine racks are the best storage facilities to ensure the kind of stable temperature and humidity which wines need to attain peak quality.


  • Light: Wines need to be stored in dark places to avoid the harmful sunlight effects from affecting the aging process. Wine racks are necessary to achieve this.


  • Positioning: Wines should be stored in a horizontal position. The challenge with storing wine on the sides is the high risk of rollover. Thankfully, with wine racks, your wines are protected from falling.

The best wine racking systems:
Remember we told you how sophisticated, delicate and elegant wines are? Well, apart from just storing your wines in racks, you would still have to choose a racking system that is best suited for the kind of wines you intend to store.
There are lots of wine racking systems available in the market today ranging from wine storage boxes, synthetic racks to acrylic wine racking systems and a whole lot of others. So far, the cable wine racking systems have been proven to be a symbol of taste, class, and functionality among most others.
The cable wine racking system is stylish and made out of high-quality, anti-rust stainless steel materials and they are securely attached to wooden rails at the top and bottom. Cable wine racks are particularly preferred for the following reasons:

  • Class: Wines are exotic drinks and it goes without saying that they should be stored in the classiest of manners. Cable racking systems are a blend of beauty and functionality and can be used to conveniently add a touch of class to your interior design, while meeting all standard requirements of a wine rack.


  • Versatility: In wine storage, it is very important that wines are placed in rack sizes that are exactly the right fit for them. The challenge, however, is that wines come in different shapes and sizes while most wine racks are made to suit a particular size of wine. This poses a lot of difficulty for people who wish to store different sizes of wine.

To avoid the associated costs and wasted space expended by stocking different types of racks, it only makes sense to install the cable racking system which is superior to others as it allows for storing wines of different dimensions.

  • Viewing: The transparent nature of cable racks makes it easy for individual bottles to be easily viewed and located in whatever direction as opposed to other kinds of racks.

Cable racks are also well known for their high quality and should never be left out when making wine rack choices.

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