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Wines are loved by all, Americans included. This is because wines are sophisticated drinks which add elegance to social gatherings, can be used on any occasion, and is a good complement for any food at all.
Americans love the luxurious, so it’s no surprise that their preferred choice of social drinks would be one which reflects such luxury and sophistication.
Americans love the good things of life, and this preference for the better crops of the harvest shows in the way wines are fast becoming an integral part of the American culture. According to statistics, America is the largest wine consuming country in the world, with the rate of wine consumption still growing.
Wine production has become one of the most attractive and rewarding business ventures in the country, especially as the demand of fine wines is constantly on the increase. Wine production is also a low-risk investment as wines tend to become better as they age. There are currently up to 8000 wineries in the country and counting, and this is because Americans love to make use of every opportunity to dine and wine, wine being the perfect choice of beverages for all their meals.
Where are the wine consumers?
While Americans are generally known for their love of wines, some states in the US stand out as being the highest consumers of the products and guess what? It’s California, followed by Idaho, DC, New Hampshire and Vermont who guzzle up the most wine. These heavy wine consumers cut across different cultures, professions, ages, and sizes.
It is no wonder why California has been said to be the largest producer of wine in the state, producing up to 89% of all made in the U.S. wines with Washington, New York, Oregon and Texas taking the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th positions respectively.
Why these wine consumers need a cable system
Storage goes hand in hand with production. It would be a shame and a huge waste of production funds if wines are produced without the capacity to be stored properly to ensure that they are in the best qualitative state upon consumption.
Following the rate at which wines are produced in the country, wine racks have also been made to complement wine production, the best and most modern wine racks being the cable wine racks. The cable wine racks are made from the choicest anti-rust stainless steel cable materials with strong brass tension mounts and other structural support materials to ensure that it stands the test of time.
The cable wine racks come in different forms, shapes, and styles and includes the luxury wine racks, the contemporary wine racks and very importantly, the custom wine racks which means that wine racks can be customized to suit your specific taste and requirements.
In practice, you can never go wrong with the cable wine racking system and below are some of the reasons why the teeming population of wine consuming Americans need to purchase a cable wine racking system for their wines:

  • Luxury and Class: American wine consumers love luxury. They love the exotic and the sophistication that goes along with being the elegant people that they are. This can be deduced from the wine choices that they make on a regular basis, hence, it is only wise that their wine racks are no exception. The cable wine racks are the most luxurious and sophisticated wine racks in the market today, with features that make them look as though they were floating in the air alongside other special features, it goes without saying that the American wine consumers need these cable rack to further highlight the exoticness of their wines.


  • Quality: American Wine consumers don’t just love the luxury and sophistication of wine, they go for quality too. This is why they specially need our cable wine racks which are made from quality materials.


  • Versatility: American consumers love to experiment with different flavors and variety of wine. These wines come in different shapes and sizes and would need to be stored in racks that can accommodate their different sizes.

Majority of racks in the market are made to suit specific sizes of wine and will not be able to store wines in bigger sizes. With the cable wine racks, wines from 50 ml and above (up to 500 ML) can be accommodated, making it a real need for every American home.

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