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Are you a devotee of the philosophy ‘less is more’? If so, you may be a minimalist – someone who is interested in achieving happiness not through accumulating an excess of things, but through life experiences. Embracing minimalism doesn’t mean you have to do away with personal possessions and start backpacking across the world (although some do!); the point is more to experience freedom from the cumbersome, often overwhelming trappings of modern life and instead make conscious, deliberate decisions about what really matters, so you can find fulfilment in life.
At Cable Wine Systems, we took the concept of minimalism and applied it to our cable wine racking system to create a highest-quality product that will enhance the look and feel of your space, while safely and elegantly storing your wine collection so your bottles can age in optimal conditions. When you want to bring the wine you love into your home, and enjoy the minimalist aesthetic of a wine racking system that lets the bottles steal the show, Cable Wine Systems is the key.

About our luxury metal cable wine system

The Cable Wine Systems custom wine racking system offers wine collectors – whether homeowners, restauranteurs or anyone else wishing to properly store and showcase wine – the option of displaying their wine collection nearly anywhere. This luxury wine racking system unlike any other on the market today. It employs the finest quality stainless steel cables with chromed brass connecting clamps to create racking that is visibly well made and extremely attractive, yet in true minimalist fashion, leaves the focus on the wine itself.
The Cable Wine Systems luxury metal wine racking is versatile enough to be mounted in very small spaces – underneath staircases or in corners, narrow hallways or behind doors, unlike less customizable racks. However, the racking is also scalable to the largest, most opulent wine cellar. This means you can display your wines wherever you’d like (with some caveats about temperature and humidity control) without having to sacrifice that minimalist style. Along the same lines of ‘freedom’ and ‘fulfilment’, our cable wine racks allow you to see little but the bottle itself…making it extremely easy to admire your collection and retrieve the specific wine you want to enjoy.

Cable wine racking meets minimalist design requirements

When it comes to home design, the design firm Pangaea has its share of experts. In a recent article, they shared six design principles behind minimalist interior design. Here we put the cable wine system to the test: Does it meet these conditions? Let’s see…

  • High quality materials that can stand on their own, without a lot of adornment? Definitely.
  • A single stand-out piece with no distractions. We believe a wine collection can definitely be a focal point for any room, and wines are best displayed in an uncluttered environment. By making the wine itself the focus, our custom wine racking system qualifies as a stand out piece.
  • Simple, pure design. Unlike wood wine racks which can be quite ornate, our system has everything you need to beautifully cradle your bottles…and nothing you don’t.
  • Restrained styles? Absolutely! We could have added more to our cable wine racks, but why?
  • A little accent goes a long way…Yes. The chromed brass clamps provide just the right accent to the minimalist nature of the cable system.

What does minimalism mean to you? Share your thoughts below!

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