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Thanks to most BBQ equipment’s relatively affordable price, everyone wants to host a backyard BBQ these days. However, hosting an enjoyable BBQ has more to do with the activities involved during the process than the barbecue itself. 

It is of paramount importance to effectively plan your weekend barbecue to the letter, especially if you do not have side attractions such as lakes or pools. This can be quite a challenge if you have invited some first-timers to your backyard BBQ. 

Activities such as games and puzzles tend to help douse the tension and keep the august visitors relaxed. However, it might not exactly be enough. Talking may also keep bonds together at the beginning of the BBQ session, but there is usually not much to say after an hour or two of banter, especially with individuals you barely know.

You may also go the extra mile to integrate active sports into your BBQ session. This way, you can be sure to engage individuals who may be open to extreme exercising. This can even more fun when a little alcohol in bottles of wine is added to the mix. 

You can add some games to your BBQ to create a lasting impression on your visitors, including Badminton, Darts, 3-aside backyard soccer, and table tennis.

To curb the effects of rising tensions among newcomers and ensure a seamless BBQ parade with friends and family chattering endlessly, include fine wine bottles to your backyard BBQ. 

Wine options for BBQ

Like the art of wine tasting, this should be done with precision, considering the ingredients of your BBQ and the active ingredients of the wine in question.

Some of the most exquisite wine combinations with a BBQ are:

 Sangiovese from Tuscany: The dry red taste of this exquisite yet affordable wine is a joy to behold when doubled up with grilled lamb or beef. With the Sangiovese from Tuscany, you can be sure to have friends chattering about the uniquely beautiful combinations you have put together; plus, you may also get phone calls from friends and family who may want to set up a similar gathering in the future. It is that good.

Australian Shiraz: The Australian Shiraz represents another option for grilled lamb and beef gatherings, except it has a syrup-like taste, which gives a spicy and mildly sweet taste. The Australian Shiraz shares certain attributes with the French Syrah.

While the Australian Shiraz is a perfect wine for the occasion, it is important to note that it has a strong identity. Thus, there’s a risk of overshadowing the savor of other foods, especially under spiced seafood.

Pinot Noir: For all seafood lovers, very few bottles of wine can produce the resultant effect of a bottle of Pinot Noir and a plate of Salmon. Pinot Noir can also be taken with Pork and even chicken, making it one of the most versatile wine to pair with these options.

These wine represent definite wins based on your choice of barbecue. Ensure to take safety precautions when setting out your backyard, especially if children will be among the guests. 

For now, prepare for your BBQ backyard, get together, and watching the smiles emanating from the faces of your visitors.

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