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You must have heard the news, and even if you haven’t, Cable wine systems is here to tell you now. Patios are opening all over the country. 

Just in the Toronto area, over 12 patios are set to open for business this week. All over, the many patios which have graced our cuisine over the years are making preparations to open up in the coming week. We at Cable wine systems understand that this is great news for you and we’re here to help you prepare. 

Here’s a list of our suggestions on the things you should do on your 1st post-lockdown outing.


We know it’s been quite a while since you had any real wine, more so for those who have no wine storage cellars in their homes. It wouldn’t be surprising that you are confused about where to start. It’s fine, we’re here to help. 

Here is a list of the best wines you could try on your first outing:

  1. 2016 Reserve Syrah from Goose Ridge Vineyards.

If you are a stickler for Red wines, then you should try this one. It costs just $50 but would reignite those taste buds that you may bask in the pleasure of beautiful wine. 

       2. Sterling Vineyards

If you love white wines, then the sterling vineyards is not a bad place to start. This brilliant blend of apples, pears, and melon scents well balanced with a crisp fading aroma of the orchard fruit goes for $25 dollars. If you love tasting wine, here is one to play with. 

       3. Rose M de Minuty 2019 From Chateau Minuty

If you are a lover of the rose brand, then this 2019 beauty is a good one to celebrate the reopening. This beauty comes at a shocking $27 dollar price and is the perfect rosé for the occasion. 

       4. Ca’ del Bosco Dosage Zero Brut 2013

If all you think of in wine is sparkling, then you can unburden your tongue with this 2013 sparkling wine. The fact that it is so old and yet still a great choice makes it all the more alluring, dare we say that you should get on your lips. It goes for a token of $40 dollars.


As the patios open, it’s an opportunity to once again taste the best of meals and drinks that the patios have to offer. 

How would you select the patio you are heading to? 

Well, it’s simple. For now, choose one that offers you the good food you have missed all these months. And as you make your choice of food, remember the wine you already ordered. You do not want to have the wrong dish going with the wrong glass of wine. Pick your meals carefully so you do not ruin your first outing. 

As the patios reopen, we at Cable Wine Systems hope that you catch all of the fun that you have missed. Also, do not forget to drink some wine.

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