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  • Luxury metal wine racking systems

    If you store your surplus bottles in a cardboard box in the basement, and that’s how you like it, so be it. Yet if you have given serious thought to storing your wines in such a way that the bottles can be displayed for aesthetic pleasure while your wine matures in optimal conditions, you may be dismayed by the abundance of commercially available wine racks that come in standard sizes and cheap wood. Depending on where and how your wine storage space is configured, ordinary wooden racking systems simply may not work with your space and design.
    Many have recognized this problem, but several years ago, Cable Wine Systems decided to take action and create custom wine racking displays made from luxury materials like the highest quality stainless steel cable and chromed brass clamps. It’s a wine racking system that works like no other!

    Versatile, sophisticated wine racking for the modern lifestyle

    Imagine a modern, minimalist wine racking system that lets the bottles themselves be the star attraction…if that appeals to you, a luxury metal wine racking system may be right for your home or establishment. Versatile and sophisticated, our custom wine racking display is also durable enough to last for as long as your private wine cellar does. And, unlike many other wine racking systems that take a standardized approach, our custom wine racks are built to measure and installed on-site to ensure they perfectly meet your needs for design and scale.
    Some of the benefits of opting for a luxury metal wine racking system from Cable Wine Systems include:

    • sleek and stylish racking goes well with modern and traditional décor
    • easy viewing of the wines in your collection as labels face out and corks remain moist
    • custom wall-mounted rack works well for those who don’t have a private cellar, but must maximize a limited space, such as narrow hallways or walls
    • tremendous design flexibility and potential
    • rigorously tested under wine cellar conditions and does not deteriorate in these humid, cool environments.

    The Cable Wine Systems luxury metal wine racking storage option, like many storage products designed for today’s contemporary spaces, boasts tremendous design flexibility and potential. The racks can be precisely spaced to accommodate larger bottles and securely cradle them in such a way that it appears they are floating. Nothing distracts from the beauty of your collection.

    Try a luxury metal wine racking system today

    If it’s time to get serious about your wine storage, invest in a metal wine racking system and see the difference! Some proponents of wood wine racking systems initially fear that metal would appear sterile or ultra-modern, but installed, it doesn’t; the cable system actually complements existing shelving and wine storage for those who wish to combine systems for a truly dramatic effect.
    Not sure how to make the most of a luxury metal wine racking system? We’ll refer you to qualified contractors who offer complete wine cellar construction and wine racking installation services in your area, so you can let trusted experts build you a wine storage system that is absolutely second to none.
    Don’t let the look of your cellar be spoiled by archaic or mass-produced wine racks. Try luxury metal wine racking now.

  • What to include in a small wine collection

    In the wine world, there is much talk about how younger wine collectors are changing the way that wine is consumed and collected. Although thrifty Millennials are said to spend less per bottle than their parents did, there’s no doubt that this generation has produced some serious collectors – and whether or not they are completely revolutionizing wine, they have certainly had a big part to play in the exposure of small producers making unique wines in obscure spots around the world.
    As with virtually every other passion in the modern world, habits are changing when it comes to acquiring and collecting wine. Today’s collector has a smaller collection that is more personally meaningful to them. While the days of cavernous private wine cellars certainly aren’t over, it’s also common to see wine walls, custom cellars built to hold no more than 150 bottles, and interesting wine racking tucked away in nooks, behind doors, in hallways, and wherever the square-footage-strapped collectors of today have the space and design savvy to display their collection.
    With a smaller collection comes the knowledge that most of the bottles, while also a potentially great investment, will eventually be drunk. They should all be easily accessible, readily identifiable and have significance to the collector, whether they are meant to be consumed at tonight’s dinner party or next year’s graduation. If you’d like to start such a collection, here are 5 good things to include:

    1. Good Italian reds. Not only will you never tire of drinking these popular picks, many tend to age very well and you can enjoy them long into the future.
    2. California Cabernets. A mixed case will serve you well, and most age well up to a decade.
    3. 2010 Bordeaux. Expect to shell out over $100 per bottle, but it’s worth it.
    4. Dessert wines. You can pass these on to your children for their enjoyment or for the enjoyment of their college fund, whichever makes the most sense! These sweet wines not only may age for decades, they also show you to be a cut above many casual collectors (ditto for Madeira).
    5. Vintage Champagne. You never know when you will have the occasion, right? Some worry about Champagne losing some of its carbonation over time, but bubbly keeps its bubbles for decades. It’s okay to go with Veuve if you don’t know much about Champagne.

    Of course, these suggestions are in addition to the wines you just can’t part with because of the sentimental value. For example, perhaps you received a specially branded bottle as a party favour at your beloved nephew’s christening, and wish to keep it sealed for posterity forever. Good idea, since it might not be drinkable any longer!

    Building your wine collection starts with storage

    While many collectors don’t even think about storage until they simply have too many cases of wine in their basement, at Cable Wine Systems, we think about nothing but how to store your wines for the maximum benefit and effect. Whether your wine collection consists of 10 bottles or 10,000, the streamlined look and sophisticated nature of the Cable Wine Systems metal wine racking creates a stunning ‘floating’ display that is sure to captivate the awe and attention of anyone who sees it.
    Obviously, you started out collecting wine because you love wine. Whether you plan to make new memories with your wine or evoke old ones, enjoy your collection to the fullest with luxury wine racking by Cable Wine Systems.

  • Wine Collecting Isn’t What it Used to Be

    Do you think of wine collecting as the pastime of the uber-rich? When you hear the words ‘wine collector’ perhaps the image of a stern patriarch wearing a tweed jacket with elbow patches, smoking a pipe in a dark wood-paneled wine cellar surrounded by thousands of bottles, comes to mind? That’s so last century. For better or worse, wine collecting isn’t what it used to be – and if North America’s 75 million-strong Millennial cohort has already changed the world of wine collecting forever, imagine what the world of wine will look like to subsequent generations!

    Today’s wine collectors are a different breed

    While the art of wine collecting has existed since man first crushed grapes, old stereotypes about wine collecting are being smashed as we move into a new era. Whether for available disposable income, higher confidence levels, or other reasons, wine collecting still remains mostly a man’s game; other than that, it’s a different hobby than it used to be. Here are some of the ways in which today’s new wine collectors have changed the game:

    • Fascination with backstory. Who says young people have short attention spans? More than their predecessors, young people are interested in the narrative of wines, even to the point of popularizing wines that probably don’t deserve it just because they’re rustic, hip or the next cool thing.
    • Technological savvy. Rather than a just few people obsessively collecting and possessively guarding arcane knowledge about wines, all of today’s young collectors can find out the most obscure details about the most obscure vintages on earth, in seconds, with a few swipes. They also love sharing that information with others as opposed to jealously hoarding it. Rather than getting their information about wine in print, this generation is solidly digital and more likely to turn to the web for answers and wine advice.
    • Experiential bent. Millennials aren’t apt to blindly follow the 100-point scale and base their purchases on it; their buying habits are swayed by word of mouth and personal experience rather than the points awarded to a particular wine by a distant critic or wine columnist.
    • Smaller scale. Millennials are fine with a smaller collection as long as it has a personal wow factor for them.
    • Willingness to try new things. The brand loyalty seen in the Boomer generation is much lower among Millennials, who are willing to try just about anything (at least by the glass!).
    • Willingness to learn. Wine tastings are increasingly popular among younger wine lovers, as is the idea of seeking out a sommelier’s license ‘just because’ – something you wouldn’t see as much among previous generations of wine collectors, who were more likely to trust the experts than become the experts.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same

    The one thing Millennials often talk about is wanting to have a personal connection to the wines they consume and collect. That is something any wine lover can relate to. And no matter what their calendar age, wine collectors universally want their wines to be protected and beautifully displayed. Enter Cable Wine Systems, maker of one of the finest quality metal wine racking systems on the market today. Our sleek, elegant, flexible wine racking systems accommodate the widest variety of bottle shapes and sizes and can also be assembled to meet your preferences with regards to bottle spacing and/or positioning. Now you can love your wine and admire it the way you want…at any age!

  • Modern wine systems vs traditional systems

    Do the words ‘wine cellar’ conjure up an image of damp, crumbling stone walls where inset bottles languished underground for hundreds of years? If so, welcome to the 21st century, where many wine cellars would be unrecognizable to our ancestors. First and foremost, wine collections aren’t always stored in a traditional, below ground cellar anymore!
    For people with modern sensibilities and tastes, wine must still be properly stored, but a collection will do just as well if not better with today’s modern racking systems than in the cellars of yore. All that matters, essentially, is the purchaser’s taste. Here we’ll deconstruct what constitutes a modern wine racking system versus a traditional one.

    Modern wine systems – simple, tasteful and minimalist

    Today’s modern wine storage systems are designed to put the focus on the wine – not on the perilous journey down crumbling stone steps. Modern wine cellars and the racking systems that define them are designed to have a clean, sleek aesthetic; straight lines and minimal materials are usually used, so that while the design elements are themselves striking in their simplicity, nothing really detracts from the labels. Bottles often appear to float in midair because unlike with traditional wine cellars, modern wine cellars often use metal, cable or acrylic materials that are virtually invisible against their backdrop.
    How will you know if a modern wine racking system is right for you? It all depends on your preference. Generally speaking, if you would describe the rest of your décor as striking, minimalistic, modern, clean, sleek or high style, and if you prefer smooth, shiny chrome and a black-and-white palette over hardwoods and natural hues, you may be interested in a modern system that lets the wine steal the show.

    Traditional wine systems – an elegant aesthetic

    Do you appreciate timeless pieces when it comes to art, furnishings and woodwork? A traditional wine racking system may be for you – but don’t be taken in by inexpensive, pre-assembled wooden racking, which does not stand the test of time and can actually detract from the luxury of your collection. Well-made traditional wine racking can be perfect for individuals who prefer a more classical wine storage look to enhance their home or establishment.
    Of course, regardless of whether your existing décor is modern or classic, you can opt for a traditional wine racking system if you are building a custom wine cellar which will stand apart from the rest of the space. In fact, a custom wine cellar with traditional wooden racking made of cherry, walnut, mahogany, maple or oak can be a very elegant way to display your wine collection. You may also choose to incorporate wood wine racking and classic, old–world features such stone walls and arches along with quality metal racking, which, because of its understated nature, tends to blend surprisingly well with fixtures from earlier times.

    Modern or traditional, the choice is yours

    Wine collecting is no longer the purview of a few elite individuals. For many, having the ability to display their wine collection, no matter its size, is important in this era of wine appreciation. Whatever way you choose to bring the wines you enjoy into your homes, it’s best to showcase it inventively, and with pride – it is a reflection of your tastes and personality, after all!

  • The minimalist nature of "The Cable Wine System"

    Are you a devotee of the philosophy ‘less is more’? If so, you may be a minimalist – someone who is interested in achieving happiness not through accumulating an excess of things, but through life experiences. Embracing minimalism doesn’t mean you have to do away with personal possessions and start backpacking across the world (although some do!); the point is more to experience freedom from the cumbersome, often overwhelming trappings of modern life and instead make conscious, deliberate decisions about what really matters, so you can find fulfilment in life.
    At Cable Wine Systems, we took the concept of minimalism and applied it to our cable wine racking system to create a highest-quality product that will enhance the look and feel of your space, while safely and elegantly storing your wine collection so your bottles can age in optimal conditions. When you want to bring the wine you love into your home, and enjoy the minimalist aesthetic of a wine racking system that lets the bottles steal the show, Cable Wine Systems is the key.

    About our luxury metal cable wine system

    The Cable Wine Systems custom wine racking system offers wine collectors – whether homeowners, restauranteurs or anyone else wishing to properly store and showcase wine – the option of displaying their wine collection nearly anywhere. This luxury wine racking system unlike any other on the market today. It employs the finest quality stainless steel cables with chromed brass connecting clamps to create racking that is visibly well made and extremely attractive, yet in true minimalist fashion, leaves the focus on the wine itself.
    The Cable Wine Systems luxury metal wine racking is versatile enough to be mounted in very small spaces – underneath staircases or in corners, narrow hallways or behind doors, unlike less customizable racks. However, the racking is also scalable to the largest, most opulent wine cellar. This means you can display your wines wherever you’d like (with some caveats about temperature and humidity control) without having to sacrifice that minimalist style. Along the same lines of ‘freedom’ and ‘fulfilment’, our cable wine racks allow you to see little but the bottle itself…making it extremely easy to admire your collection and retrieve the specific wine you want to enjoy.

    Cable wine racking meets minimalist design requirements

    When it comes to home design, the design firm Pangaea has its share of experts. In a recent article, they shared six design principles behind minimalist interior design. Here we put the cable wine system to the test: Does it meet these conditions? Let’s see…

    • High quality materials that can stand on their own, without a lot of adornment? Definitely.
    • A single stand-out piece with no distractions. We believe a wine collection can definitely be a focal point for any room, and wines are best displayed in an uncluttered environment. By making the wine itself the focus, our custom wine racking system qualifies as a stand out piece.
    • Simple, pure design. Unlike wood wine racks which can be quite ornate, our system has everything you need to beautifully cradle your bottles…and nothing you don’t.
    • Restrained styles? Absolutely! We could have added more to our cable wine racks, but why?
    • A little accent goes a long way…Yes. The chromed brass clamps provide just the right accent to the minimalist nature of the cable system.

    What does minimalism mean to you? Share your thoughts below!

  • Things Wine Lovers Should and Shouldn’t Do

    Wine lovers are typically inclined—and even expected—to follow certain rules of etiquette when enjoying their favourite libations in various capacities and environments. There’s no doubt that the behaviours people exhibit are largely influenced by their surroundings. You could be sipping wine in a fancy restaurant, a bar, at a wine tasting event at a winery, or even if you’re just indulging in a glass of red or white in the comfort of your home; all of these circumstances inadvertently dictate your behaviour.
    Wine, cheese and prosciutto

    The Dos and Don’ts of Enjoying Fine Wine

    It goes without saying that certain wine drinking practices are more based upon personal tastes and characteristics rather than the status quo. However, that doesn’t mean that certain guidelines for enjoying fine wines should become obsolete. Some institutions have high standards and reputations to maintain and so they find it necessary to implement well-known dos and don’ts of drinking fine wine.

    Do Decant Your Reds

    Decanting wine doesn’t necessarily have to be a complicated process. You don’t even really need a decanter for it. All you have to do is slowly and gently pour the wine out of the bottle into a clean container and then funnel it back into the original bottle. Make sure you don’t shake it too much and let the natural sediments rest at the bottom of the bottle the whole time. The purpose of decanting is to slightly hasten the ageing process so that the wine develops mature notes faster.

    Don’t Serve Wine That’s Too Cold

    There’s such a thing as chilling wine too much to the point where the experience of enjoying it is negatively impacted. Part of enjoying a good wine tasting is sniffing it to get a sense of the natural aromatic notes that exist in the wine. When the wine is over-chilled, these notes become stilted and difficult to detect. Storing your wine in a temperature and environment-controlled luxury wine cellar can help you avoid this issue altogether.

    Do Save Empty Half Bottles

    For some people, it makes more sense to purchase half bottles of wine—bottles that are half the size of standard bottles—than it does to purchase full-size bottles. Once you’ve consumed the wine in half bottles, you can save them and use them to store excess wine from larger bottles. This way, the wine is still protected from oxidization and it’ll last a little while longer. If you have a fair-sized custom wine cellar in your home and you won’t be able to drink a lot of wine on your own, you can even opt to purchase a bunch of half bottles that suffice for one or two people.

    Don’t Hesitate to Taste Your Wine

    One of the fun things about being a wine connoisseur is getting the opportunity to taste all kinds of different wines prior to purchasing them. Don’t be afraid to try new wines at restaurants and wine tastings before you make the ultimate decision of adding them to your collection. Try flavours that are outside of your wheelhouse and ask sommeliers or local wine shop owners what types of appetizers and main courses these wines can appropriately be paired with. This is a great way to get ideas for your next wine tasting party in Toronto and to show off your beautiful wine rack display to your guests.

    is a Toronto-based company that’s behind the decorative, highly functional, and award-winning cable wine racking system. This ground-breaking wine display rack is fully customizable and adjustable to suit the specific needs and space requirements of our clients. It allows you to prominently display and store small-, medium-, and large-format bottles and keep your wine collection organized to your liking. For more information on how CABLE WINE SYSTEMS® can enhance the look and functionality of your wine cellar, please call us toll-free at 1-855-313-9463.

  • How Long Should You Store Wine?

    One of the greatest misconceptions perpetuated about viniculture is that all red wines are specially formulated for ageing and white wines can only be consumed immediately after purchase. The truth of the matter is that only a small proportion of mass-produced wines—including both red and white varietals—are intended for long-term storage. Most vintners anticipate that the grand majority of their products will most likely be consumed within a short period of time; therefore, a lot of modern wines have a short shelf life.
    Of course, as all wine connoisseurs know, certain wines improve tremendously with age. It’s just a matter of creating the ideal wine-storage environment in a cellar or elsewhere, allowing your collection to thrive, and knowing which wines are worth saving for a later date.
    Happy female friends toasting white wine

    How Long Can White Wine Be Stored?

    There is no simple answer to this question because, ultimately, there are numerous mitigating factors that come into play when storing white wine for indeterminate lengths of time. You need to take the following things into consideration when trying to determine whether you should age a white wine:

    • Grape varietal
    • Region where the grapes were harvested
    • Climate of those regions
    • Level of acidity
    • Sugar levels

    The type of grape, how long the grapes are fermented, as well as the climate in which they’re grown all affect the level of acidity and sugar content of the wine. Colder climates make for more acidic flavours and higher sugar levels, which inevitably raises the alcohol content of the wine as well. White wines that contain high levels of acidity and sugar can last anywhere from three to five years while wines harvested and fermented in cold climates can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years given the proper storage conditions. These wines typically have fruity notes and the high alcohol content prolongs their preservation over time.

    How Long Can Red Wine Be Stored?

    Storing red wine is a little bit different than white wine. People tend to believe the fallacy that red wine needs to be aged for many, many years before it can be relished. In actuality, about 99% of wines are meant to be enjoyed as soon as possible with only a few exceptions.
    Light reds such as rosés often have overwhelmingly fruity notes, and reds are best kept in cool environments. Unlike bold and more complex wines such as Bordeaux, light reds don’t benefit from long storage periods. In fact, if they’re stored for longer than two years, you run the risk of spoiling them. In contrast, the darker, bolder flavours that contain more tannin tend to flourish the longer they reside in your wine cellar.
    Based in Toronto, CABLE WINE SYSTEMS® is the creator of the sophisticated, fully functional, customizable, and highly esteemed CABLE WINE SYSTEM®. Its versatile adjustable features are specially formulated to meet the needs of each individual wine collection, whether you want to add it to your wine cellar for additional storage or put it on full display in other parts of your home, restaurant or shop. The CABLE WINE SYSTEM® has the ability to hold bottles of different shapes and sizes and it’s the perfect way to keep your growing wine collection well-organized. To learn more about this prestigious product and our company, please call us toll-free at 1-855-313-9463.

  • Display Your Collection in Style with Floating Wine Racks

    As a growing number of young people are showing an interest in collecting and prominently displaying their wine collections in their homes, floating wine racks are becoming increasingly popular decorative household fixtures—and for a good reason. Not only are they incredibly versatile, adaptable, and sleek; they’re also a stylish yet practical way of storing your wine. It doesn’t matter whether your intent is short- or long-term storage, this kind of luxury wine racking creates endless possibilities to comply with your aesthetic tastes and functional requirements.
    floating wine racking

    A Beautiful Way to Store Your Wine Bottles

    Most residences and public places in Toronto are very space-limited, which means that property owners have to be extra creative when it comes to seamlessly integrating their custom cable wine racking systems into the design of their spaces.
    When it comes to beautiful and innovative design, juxtaposition is imperative. Your wine display rack should easily blend into your décor while still maintaining its status as the main focal point in the room; it should also represent the excitement and sophistication of living in a city like Toronto. Whether you’re ageing your wine in a custom stainless steel wine cellar or prominently displaying it in your kitchen, dining room, or living room, it’s important to feel a sense of pride in your collection regardless of its size. Wine racking in Toronto is an art all its own, and how you choose to display your precious varietals reflects your own stylistic tastes and preferences.

    A Stylish Design Makes a Big Difference

    At the same time, the way you choose to display your wine reflects greatly on your intentions for your collection. Some wine lovers only keep small collections for short periods of time—either due to lack of storage space or lack of will power—and that’s perfectly fine. Not all wines are necessarily meant to be aged for many years; some are just purchased for immediate consumption.
    Other wine lovers are the polar opposite. They take great pleasure and pride in the art of ageing their wines and allowing the tannins to flourish and develop vibrant notes of flavour over time. There’s nothing wrong with that either. As long as you have the right wine racking system in place, it doesn’t matter what your intentions are because they’re still feasible. One of the most significant attributes of wire wine racks in Toronto residences is their high adaptability and the fact that they don’t take up too much space. You can adjust them as you see fit. Whether you’re just starting your wine collection and planning on expanding it in the future or even if you’re planning on keeping it to a minimum, these stylish storage units are the right place to start or continue your wine collection.

    Stainless Steel Floating Wine Racks from CABLE WINE SYSTEMS®

    At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS®, our specialty is designing and creating beautiful, high-end floating wine racks that cater specifically to commercial and residential environments. Our innovative, stylish, and award-winning product—the CABLE WINE SYSTEM®—is singlehandedly designed to enhance, elevate, and complement the look and feel of every space in which it’s featured. To learn more about how the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® can revamp and add sophistication to the look of your space and your wine collection, please call us toll-free at 1-855-313-9463.

  • Interesting Myths and Facts about Wine

    People have been indulging in wine for centuries, which is why it’s not surprising that over the course of time, numerous fascinating wine myths have become tightly integrated in wine culture. These myths may have carried some semblance of truth during certain periods in history, but nowadays they only serve the purpose of perpetuating stereotypes that are no longer relevant. Nonetheless, they’re captivating topics of interest for veteran wine lovers and amateurs alike because they shed light on longstanding traditions that are embedded within wine culture.

    wine mythsFamous Wine Myths

    Here are a few famous—or rather, infamous—wine myths that are worth exploring:

    Only Red Wines Age Well

    For some reason, red wines are generally regarded as the classier and more worthwhile prospect while most white wines are relegated to nothing more than casual libations. The truth is that both are equally beneficial to your health in their own rights and they can both be aged if you please. The real question isn’t whether you can age more red wines than white wines. Instead, you should be asking yourself why you even need to age your wine at all. More often than not, the wine has already been slightly aged before it even reaches the store shelves and when it comes to most wines, further ageing does nothing to improve its flavours.

    Wines Need to Breathe

    This myth is technically based on outdated fact. In the early days of winemaking, winemakers used large amounts of sulphur as a preservative for the wine so that it would age prematurely and it could travel well. Opening the wine bottles a few days prior to drinking it supposedly helped to diminish the foul stench of the sulphur. Modern technological advancements in winemaking have removed the need to add preservatives, much less sulphur, and the transportation process is much smoother and quicker. Therefore, airing out the wine is a dying and pointless concept.

    The Thicker the Legs, the Better the Wine

    The term “wine legs” doesn’t refer to the wobbliness of your legs after you’ve had a few too many glasses of wine. Actually, it’s referring to the tears of wine that dribble down the side of the glass after you’ve swirled your wine prior to sipping it. The idea is that if the legs are thicker and run more slowly the wine is of a higher quality, but the truth is that the two things are completely unrelated. Thick wine legs simply indicate a greater alcohol content. It’s also important to note that not all wines have the same alcohol content; that rumour is completely baseless as well.

    Fascinating Facts about Wine

    Now it’s time to talk about a few interesting actual facts about wine. As every wine connoisseur knows, every wine name is associated with where the wine was made as well as the type of grape used to make it. What’s even more interesting is that more and more wines are now being locally produced in previously unlikely parts of the world. This may have something to do with the fact that wine corks are steadily decreasing in popularity while screw-top bottles are gradually becoming the norm. It could also be because more people are purchasing wine for immediate consumption rather than ageing it or saving it solely for special occasions. Regardless of your reasons for purchasing wine in the first place, it’s important to treat it right to render the most rewarding wine drinking experience possible.
    CABLE WINE SYSTEMS® is the creator of a unique and innovative wine racking system that combines luxury, quality, and a sleek state-of-the-art design to any space. See for yourself what the design, building, and architectural communities are all raving about. For more information on our product, call us toll-free at 1-855-313-9463.

  • Types of Wine for Spring and Early Summer

    Spring is in the air, which means the temperatures are rising and the sun is slowly emerging from its lengthy hibernation to grace us with its presence. This transitional season of revitalization is the best time of year to update your wine collection with some fruity and exotic white and rosé wines for spring and summer.

    wines for springSuitable Wines for the Warmer Months

    Some people might find it difficult to part with their precious dark red Merlots or Cabernet Sauvignons, but the time has come to put these libations to rest and break out their lighter, fruitier, more refreshing counterparts instead. Since spring is already upon us, that means summer is just around the corner, and backyard barbecues, cookouts, bonfires, and weekend getaways are going to make a huge comeback in the upcoming months. You’re going to want to pair your wine with fresh seafood dishes, tasty salads, and even juicy burgers fresh off the grill. Crisp, chilled wine is just the perfect pairing for all of your favourite summer foods, and the good news is you can still enjoy your red wine in the form of rosé.

    Light, Bright, Summer Whites

    Whether you live near Toronto’s vibrant entertainment district, in the Village, or even in the East or West End, there’s nothing more satisfying than pulling out a bottle of white Riesling or Moscato from your wine display rack and enjoying it out on your terrace as you watch the sun set in the horizon.
    That’s what living in luxury is all about, and having the perfect wine racking display in your home makes it all possible. If you’ve had a stressful day at work or just need to come home and unwind for no reason in particular, a cool and uplifting glass of white wine is the perfect solution to your doldrums. Not only can white wine brighten up your mood, but it also pairs surprisingly well with so many summertime favourite appetizers and entrées. Regardless of whether you’re enjoying it by yourself or in the company of your close friends, acquaintances, and family at a social function, white wine serves as an excellent pairing beverage and icebreaker.
    What makes it even better is the stylish and practical wine storing method you use either in your favourite room at home or in your own personal wine cellar. Personal luxury wine racking systems are very popular in metropolitans like Toronto, and prominently showcasing your wine collection in your home is a sign of true opulence and class.

    Refreshing Rosés

    Rosés are another favourite when the warm weather arrives because, for a lot of wine lovers, they serve as an excellent temporary substitute for dark reds. Many of them can be consumed at room temperature or chilled depending on your preference, and they pair extremely well with staple summertime cuisine such as grilled salmon with asparagus, hamburgers with French fries, and even grilled vegetables. Their generally sweet and fruity notes tend to undercut a lot of salty or savoury flavours, which is why they’re the ideal addition to any spring and summer wine collection.
    CABLE WINE SYSTEMS® has developed a revolutionary modern, decorative, and flexible cable wine racking system. We specialize in creating luxury wine racks for your personal living space because our passion is to help beautify the homes of our clients. We incorporate expert craftsmanship into all of our installations. See for yourself what the design, building, and architectural communities are all raving about. For more information, contact us toll-free at 1-855-313-9463.

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