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  • Wine-Tasting Rooms: The Latest Design Trend in Luxury Homes

    In luxury homes, wine cellars are no longer considered enough for the most serious of wine connoisseurs. The latest luxury design trends see homeowners pairing their cellars with premier wine-tasting rooms, allowing them to provide the richest experience for themselves and their guests. A traditional wine cellar is designed to store wine, showcase collections, and
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  • Passion Investments: Is Buying a Vineyard a Good Idea?

    Among the wealthy, passion investments are the newest trend, and there’s no passion investment more desirable than a personal vineyard. Passion investments allow the wealthy to put their money towards the things they love, combining their investing with their hobbies and entertainment. As traditional investments return less than they once did, many wealthy homeowners now
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  • Ultra-Luxury Kitchens: A Growing Trend among Wealthy Buyers

    As homeowners explore new ways to add luxury to their homes, high-end kitchen designs are becoming a more desired choice. Home interior trends, particularly for the luxury market, often focus on adding elegance to bedrooms, recreation rooms, dens, and other areas of the home that are centred on comfort. Yet the kitchen is an essential
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  • Wine Racking Design Trends for Homes and Restaurants

    For many oenophiles, having a vast collection of wine is more than just a personal hobby. Being a collector exudes a certain kind of luxury and depending on the size of your collection, it may also make you the envy of your social circle. A great way to impress your guests is to have a
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  • Cable Wine Systems Weighs in on South African Chardonnay Being Voted the World’s Best

    Cable Wine Systems (www.CableWineSystems.com), creators of the most versatile and sophisticated wine racking system on the market, is weighing in on a South African Chardonnay being voted the world’s best. This year’s Decanter World Wine Awards voted DeMorgenzon Chardonnay Reserve 2015 from South African businesswoman Wendy Appelbaum as the world’s number one Chardonnay priced over
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  • Top Wine Consuming Cities in the U.S.

    It’s no surprise that drinking wine has become increasingly popular across the United States, especially with Millennials. With some of the world’s best vineyards located right on American soil, more and more people are choosing to emerge themselves in wine culture. Whether it’s enjoying a glass socially at a restaurant or privately with a few
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  • Cable Wine Systems Weighs in on This Month’s Celebration of Ontario Wine

    Cable Wine Systems (www.CableWineSystems.com), creators of the most versatile and sophisticated wine racking system on the market, is weighing in on this month’s celebration of Ontario wine. On Thursday June 16, a celebration will be held honouring Ontario’s top wines. Dubbed “WiNETARIO,” the event is hosted by iYellow and will feature the 22nd annual wine
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