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Lately, custom wine cellars have become all the rage amongst wine aficionados, the reason being that different people have different preferences in terms of the designs and set-ups they prefer and certain wines have specific storage requirements. While temperature is one of the most important specifications when storing wine, sometimes the bottle designs or size of the bottles should also be taken into account. Like people, not all wine bottles are made the same and some of them demand to be treated differently than others. Here are some important things to think about when designing and constructing a personalized luxury wine cellar.

Include Features That Suit Your Preferences

Whether you are storing a precious merlot or a light, crisp chardonnay, it is important to ensure that your custom-designed wine cellar suits the requirements of all of your beloved liquid gold and ruby wines.
For a moment, however, set aside the requirements of the wine itself and think about the aesthetics of the particular wine cellar and how it could hinder or enhance the overall appearance of your home. It is important to always keep in mind that while the primary goal of building a custom wine cellar is to house your wine collection, another pertinent aspect to think about is the beauty and elegance it will add to your living space as well as your lifestyle.
Many wine enthusiasts spend a great deal of time in their wine cellars, enjoying the company of Cabernet Sauvignon or Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, and the like. That is why a luxury wine cellar should be regarded as more than simply a storage space for wine; instead, it is a reverent symbol of cultural status, and a source of personal satisfaction and delight, so treat your wine cellar with the same respect as you would any other valued space in your home.
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Passion in Wine Cellar Design

Any company that designs and installs custom wine cellars should be passionate about what they do as well as focused on realizing clients’ desires. Wines are artistic expressions of an individual’s personal tastes and desires. Creating a customized wine storage facility in your home is meant to enrich your living experience to make it even more enjoyable. A fashionable and personalized custom wine cellar design is meant to do just that.
For some it entails using bold colours, dramatic features or intricate fixtures to give the space interest or impact. For others, it may mean using neutral tones and classic wine racking styles to create a more elegant or traditional atmosphere. Even though you may not be planning to spend hours on end inside your custom-designed luxury wine cellar, it is important that the space be effectively designed to reflect your collecting habits and compliment its surroundings.

Wine Cellar Racking Installation

The location and dimensions of your prospective space plays a huge role in the wine cellar design process. These factors will determine which cooling units and wine racking can or should be used, as well as how many bottles the completed wine cellar will be able to store. Depending on an individual’s collecting style and wine preferences, certain types of wine racking may be much more appropriate to use than others, and a professional wine cellar designer will take all of these factors into consideration before designing a wine cellar that is just right for you.

Good Wine Deserves a Good Home

Cable Wine Systems has developed a revolutionary wine storage system that is flexible in its ability to hold different bottle sizes and it features a customizable design that meets the owner’s preferences. Our wine wire racking system is a sleek and contemporary design that offers clients an alternative to traditional wood and metal wine racking. See for yourself what the design, building and architectural communities are raving about.
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