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Wine lovers are well aware that quality modern wine cellars are capable of increasing the values of their homes while also adding an unparalleled sense of style, function, and sophistication. Designing and building a customized modern wine cellar provides oenophiles with the opportunity to individualize their space by allowing them to handpick all of the various features and finishes they may want to include, from the wine racks down to the lighting fixtures and door hardware. The options are endless when it comes to customizing a modern wine cellar for your home or business.

Determine the Location for the Wine Cellar

Prior to determining the room’s design, it is important to choose a prime location in which to place the luxury wine cellar. A kitchen is a good spot for a custom, temperature-controlled wine storage unit as it can be incorporated into the aesthetic of the kitchen and wine selection is made easy because the wine is right at hand.
Little to no lighting is also ideal when selecting a wine storage area as too much exposure to light can negatively affect the quality of the wine. In addition, choosing a location that is less susceptible to vibrations is also important because vibrations disturb the natural chemical balance in wine over time.
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Regardless of where your designated wine storage area will be, the advantages of creating a custom wine cellar is that it allows you the luxury of being able to enjoy both the simple presence of the wine in the space as well as having access to it at one’s leisure.
In order to avoid all of the possible factors that could impede or interrupt the proper maturation of the wine, consider locating it somewhere where it can be easily reached and used at a moment’s notice. Modern wine cellars that incorporate cable wine racking systems are usually well equipped to handle both short-term and long-term wine storage.

Choose Lighting Fixtures that Create Ambiance

Almost any space can be transformed into a modern luxury wine cellar, but the right lighting is required to enhance both the functionality and the form of the space. LED accent lighting goes a long way in this endeavour. LED lighting does not give off heat or emit significantly harmful rays that can negatively affect the ageing process of the wine.
Of course, the right lighting effects should be accompanied by elegant and intricate fixtures. Low-hanging chandeliers, embellished sconces, and even embellished table lamps would beautifully complement any wine display rack. It is all about creating the right atmosphere that suits the wine lover’s personal tastes and style.

Cable Wine Systems: Elegantly Display Your Wine Collection

Cable Wine Systems has developed a revolutionary, modern, wine racking system that is flexible in its ability to hold different bottle sizes. It features a customizable design that meets the owner’s preferences. Our cable wine racking system has a sleek and contemporary design that offers clients an alternative to traditional wood and metal wine racking. See for yourself what the design, building, and architectural communities are raving about. For more information or to book a consultation, contact us today.

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