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In the sophisticated world of wine lovers, new and fascinating wine trends are constantly emerging—from the ways in which wine is consumed to the type of wine that gains or loses popularity to the ways in which wine is stored. Every year, wine experts and sommeliers offer their predictions for the wine trends they believe will dominate the markets for the next year based on recent data. Here are just a few of the upcoming wine trends for 2017.

Wine In or Wine Out?

Recent statistics have shown that Millennials are drinking more wine than Baby Boomers. Even though the younger generation makes up the larger wine drinking demographic, wine sales in bars and restaurants have still fallen. This is because more people prefer to enjoy their reds and whites in the privacy of their own homes. When Baby Boomers were the same age as Millennials are now, they drank a lot more than they currently do. Now, more Baby Boomers prefer to drink a glass or two with dinner and consider that to be more than enough.

A Wine for Every Palate

Wine culture appeals to so many different people, who each have their own preferences when it comes to the flavours, grapes and vintages. That’s why another major wine drinking trend is to cater to the varying likes and dislikes of its top demographic. An increasing amount of consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and as a result many suppliers are now producing bio-dynamic bottles. In 2017, there will also be a rise in popularity for sparkling wines and craft beers as wine lovers put more effort into learning about the unique tastes and flavours of each wine. Wine drinkers are starting to develop more sophisticated palates for tasting wine, which will influence which types of wines that are trending in 2017.
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Wine Storage in Condos

As more and more modern luxury condominiums are built, it’s becoming an increasing trend to have wine rooms and wine storage racks incorporated into the design. Wine storage racks, like the CABLE WINE SYSTEM®, seamlessly display a wine collection with floor to the ceiling mounting, giving the sense that wine bottles are floating in the air—a perfect option for open concept, minimalist modern condo designs.

Luxury Wine Racks for Homes

Luxury wines racks will continue to trend in 2017 because more and more people are discovering the value of having a proper wine storage space within their homes, causing the niche market for wine rooms and wine cellars to be quickly expanding.
CABLE WINE SYSTEMS® has developed a revolutionary wine storage system that is flexible in its ability to hold different bottle sizes, and it features a customizable design that meets the owner’s preferences. Our wire wine racking system is a sleek and contemporary design that offers clients an alternative to traditional wood and metal wine racking. See for yourself what the design, building, and architectural communities are raving about.
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