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  • Top 10 Most Expensive Wine Brands in the World

    For wine collectors, the appeal lies in being able to amass a diverse collection of wines made from different grape varieties, regions and vintages. There is a certain luxury in acquiring distinct bottles, some of which are rare and rather valuable. For some oenophiles their collection consists of popular wine brands. For others who can
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  • Cable Wine Systems Weighs in on Portugal as Destination Wine Location

    Cable Wine Systems (www.CableWineSystems.com), creators of the most versatile and sophisticated wine racking system on the market, is weighing in on Portugal as a destination wine location. According to a recent report, Portugal reds are now commanding hundreds of dollars per bottle. This wine renaissance is taking place in Portugal’s Douro Valley and is noted
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  • Luxury Wine Racks for Your Expensive and Vintage Wine Bottles

    In today’s culture, being a wine collector is often associated with luxury living and a certain sophistication. For most oenophiles, the luxury is not in collecting the most exquisite and high-end bottles of wine, it’s in the entire experience that goes with understanding the culture. It comes from searching for and then finally finding that
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  • Cable Wine Systems Weighs In On Increasing Price of Wine in Ontario

    Cable Wine Systems (www.CableWineSystems.com), creators of the most versatile and sophisticated wine racking system on the market, is weighing in on the increasing price of wine in Ontario. In its recently released budget, the Ontario provincial government laid out its plans to increase both prices and taxes on the sale of wine. This would include
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  • Frequently Asked Questions about Wine Storage

    We’ve discussed on several occasions the increasing popularity of homeowners taking serious interest in wine collecting. Many are having wine storage racks built into their homes, and avid collectors are installing full wine cellars together with wine racks in various locations throughout their homes. As we continue to provide our own unique wine racks to
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  • Can Wine Racks Hold All Sizes of Bottles?

    As wine collectors, you know that bottles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Being able to manage these different bottle sizes is something that may be problematic if you aren’t equipped with a wine racking system capable of accommodating such a variety. This is not an issue at Cable Wine Systems. Our custom
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