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We’ve discussed on several occasions the increasing popularity of homeowners taking serious interest in wine collecting. Many are having wine storage racks built into their homes, and avid collectors are installing full wine cellars together with wine racks in various locations throughout their homes.
As we continue to provide our own unique wine racks to oenophiles across the globe, we get many questions regarding the type of measures that should be taken in order to correctly store these wine bottles. Young or new collectors want to know how to optimize taste and that directly relates to proper storage practices.
We’ve collected some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients and answered them as best we could. If you are still unsure about any of our responses, or if you’d like to know more about properly storing and maintaining your wine collection, feel free to contact Cable Wine Systems any time.

What’s the Best Temperature for Storing Wine?

This is, of course, the number one concern of all wine collectors. Proper temperature control is the key aspect to effectively storing wine and for good reason. Heat is wine’s enemy, so wine should be stored between 10˚ and 15˚ Celsius (50˚ and 59˚ Fahrenheit). Even more important than storing wine at a specific temperature is storing it at a consistent temperature because temperature fluctuations are most detrimental to the preservation of good wine.
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Is There a Proper Angle at which to Store Wine Bottles?

This is an interesting question that we also hear quite frequently. The answer is yes and no. The reason wine is primarily stored on its side is to prevent the cork from drying out. You can also opt to store your wine angled up or angled down at an angle no larger than 10 degrees, which is equally as efficient in keeping the cork moist.

Will Light Damage the Wine?

Yes it will. Over time, constant exposure to light will age wine prematurely. Wine bottles are often coloured for this very reason as the colour helps to keep out the harmful UV rays that come from direct sunlight.

How Long Will Wine Last in Ideal Conditions?

This all depends on the type of wine you are storing. The precise “safe” storage time for any wine depends on the quality of the vintage and the type of grape. The types of wine bottles also vary and so do their ideal conditions. Storing your wine in ideal conditions will ensure that the wine can be enjoyed to its fullest.
The professionals at Cable Wine Systems understand the nuances of storing wine. The wine storage racks we create are the highest quality on the market and allow homeowners to store their collections in nearly any location in their home.
Contact us now to speak to one of our representatives. We’ll guide you through the most effective ways to store your collection and show you how our wine racks can play a significant role in accommodating that storage.

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