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Wine is being widely enjoyed by an entirely new generation. Far from just the casual drinks at dinner, oenophiles today are bringing their appreciation of wine into their homes.
New homeowners are having their houses built with wine storage racks as part of the initial design. Others are implementing wine cellars to accommodate their collections. In either case, proper storage is paramount. The quality and lifespan of wine is directly related to how well it is stored, so understanding some basic principles will help preserve the collection you have taken time and money to amass.
wine storage racks
Particularly for those just getting their collections started, this is valuable advice to consider if you want to make the most of your wine investment.

Location Matters for Wine Racks

Similar to how a prime location increases the value of your property, finding the right place in your home to store your wine collection ensures that you’ll maximize the value of your wine. The goal in choosing an effective location for your wine is to avoid any direct sunlight which will prematurely age your wine and spoil it in a very short period of time. Wine storage racks from Cable Wine Systems are versatile enough to be installed in a variety of places throughout your home without taking away from the decor. In fact, the impression of floating bottles created by our stainless steel cable system only adds to the design aesthetic of almost any space.

Temperature Control for Wine Storage

Any collector needs to know the importance of controlling the temperature when storing wine. Ideally, you want to store your wine in a place where temperature fluctuation is minimal. For long-term storage, controlling the temperature becomes essential. We suggest storing wine between 10˚ to 15˚ Celsius (50˚ to 59˚ Fahrenheit). Anything warmer can cause your wine to get “cooked” or “stewed”, while lower than recommended temperatures could dry out the corks causing the wine to become oxidized and spoiled.

Humidity Control in a Wine Cellar

Part of controlling the temperature in a wine cellar also involves controlling the humidity. It’s essential that wine corks stay moist but don’t get so moist that they start to grow mould. Humidity levels between approximately 65% and 75% are highly recommended. Anything below or above those numbers could put your wine at risk.
Cable Wine Systems has created an award-winning contemporary wine storage rack that is totally customizable to the design preferences of any homeowner. The quality, versatility, and sophistication of our designs have made our racks one of the most desired system on the market. We’ve kept the new generation of homeowners in mind when creating our cable wine racking system, which is why so many homeowners are choosing to store their wine collections using the Cable Wine System.

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