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Cable Wine Systems (www.CableWineSystems.com), creators of the most versatile and sophisticated wine racking system on the market, is weighing in on Portugal as a destination wine location.
According to a recent report, Portugal reds are now commanding hundreds of dollars per bottle. This wine renaissance is taking place in Portugal’s Douro Valley and is noted for how it is attracting wine drinkers from all over the world. (Source: Hammond, C.E., “Portugal is for wine enthusiasts,” The Toronto Star, April 16, 2016; http://www.thestar.com/life/travel/2016/04/16/portugal-is-for-wine-enthusiasts.html.)
“This is a fairly new development for Portugal, as they’ve historically been known for producing port,” says Janice Bednarz, general manager of Cable Wine Systems. “But these new blends are bringing an entirely new perspective to what travellers can expect from Portuguese winemakers.”
In unison with the new production of fine wine, Portugal is taking the step of building high-end hotels in the Douro Valley for sophisticated travellers looking for luxury dwellings. It is believed that these two developments are helping to further increase wine tourism in the region.
“There’s an excitement now around all that’s going on in the Douro Valley regarding its wine culture,” Bednarz explains. “They’re creating a desirable luxury destination for travellers and wine drinkers all over the world. These hotels are part of the draw to increase wine tourism, with celebrity-caliber chefs and other amenities that guests who prefer this lifestyle will certainly appreciate.”
Douro Valley’s current development would not have been possible before 1986, when the Portuguese government lifted the ban on table wine production. The ban’s annulment allowed wineries across the country to produce and export its wine independently, opening the doors to the creation of the current wine culture.
“Obviously, any positive initiative that moves wine culture forward is encouraged,” Bednarz concludes. “Portugal is stepping up on all fronts when it comes to producing an environment conducive to wine culture, and hopefully they continue to move in that direction.”
Cable Wine Systems does its part by offering luxury metal wine racking systems for its clients. To learn more about Cable Wine Systems’ products, visit www.CableWineSystems.com.

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