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Wine racks are used to store wines away for extended periods of time so they age slowly and properly to get the best out of the wine flavors. Just as wines come in different shapes, content, styles, etc., wine racks come in various shapes and designs, and are made to house specific types of wine bottles. Care should be taken when selecting wine racks for storing your bottles to avoid purchasing a rack which is incompatible with the bottles you plan to store in it, thereby defeating the purpose for which it was bought in the first place.
Odds are that you already have some wine bottles which you wish to store for future purposes for whatever reason, and even if you don’t have your wines already, you plan on getting some specific collections of wine. Discovering that wine racks are made to fit only specific collection of wine sizes can be daunting for a wine lover or investor who would need to store a variety of wines with different sizes and shapes. It would mean a need to continue purchasing different types of wine racks to accommodate the various wine sizes and this can be very costly and also space-consuming.
If you are facing this kind of dilemma, there’s good news for you. You never have to worry about buying different kinds of wine racks to fit in the various collections of wine that you have. With the cable wine racking system, you can be assured of an easy, durable, affordable and accommodating wine rack that would fit the different wine collections that you have. Cable wine racking systems are made from the finest quality stainless steel with anti-rust components and also adaptations that help to store different kinds of wine in the same rack. It is also hinged on strong wooden platforms above and below the racks to ensure that your wine bottles are kept securely in place without fear of them falling.
Wine collections that require the use of cable wine racking system
Almost all kinds and variety of wine can be accommodated by the cable time racking system, but some kinds of wine would obviously need to be stored in the cable system more than others as a result of peculiar features which make them most adaptable to cable wine racking systems.
We have listed and analyzed these wine collections below:

  • Variety of bottle shapes and sizes from 50 ML to 500 ML: Most wine racking systems are built to accommodate the common sizes of wine which usually fall below 50 ML. This means that it would be more difficult finding wine racks that can accommodate wine bottles with shapes and sizes that are above 50 ML. The cable wine racking system, however, is built to fit wine sizes of up to 500 ML. This means that bigger sizes of wine require a cable system for storage.


  • Wine collections that require controlled temperatures: Cable systems are well suited for wines that require constant and stable controlled temperature for efficient storage. This is because cable wine systems are designed to be minimalistic, allowing for continuous airflow while regulating temperature.


  • Luxury Collections: No other type of wine racking system can bring you the feel of luxury, sophistication and elegance like the cable system does. It is thus natural that luxury brands of wine are paired with luxurious wine racks to avoid looking mismatched. Luxury wine collections would as a matter of fact need to be placed in the cable wine racking system as it is the only racking system that befits its status. This is especially true as the cable racks further projects the allure of having a wine collection by displaying the labels as opposed to other racks which hide these labels.


  • Wines with similar dimensions: Wine collections which share same dimensions or dimensions of close range specifically need to be stored in the cable system for easy identification. It would be confusing to identify bottles in other wine systems because they all look alike and are covered by the rack. To identify particular wine bottles with these racks, one would have to bring them out one after the other. Thankfully, the cable rack system eliminates this issue as you can see all the bottles at the same time regardless of just how alike the bottles appear in size and shape. With a simple eye inspection, you would be able to identify specific bottles.


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