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Cable Wine Systems (www.CableWineSystems.com), creators of the most versatile and sophisticated wine racking system on the market, is weighing in on this month’s celebration of Ontario wine.
On Thursday June 16, a celebration will be held honouring Ontario’s top wines. Dubbed “WiNETARIO,” the event is hosted by iYellow and will feature the 22nd annual wine award.
(Source: “Celebration of Ontario wines June 16,” NiagaraThisWeek.com, May 30, 2016; http://www.niagarathisweek.com/community-story/6697407-celebration-of-ontario-wines-june-16/.)
“With the level to which Canadian wines have risen, this year’s celebration will surely be an eventful one,” says Janice Bednarz, general manager of Cable Wine Systems. “Canadian wine has become renowned all over the world, but this event is to celebrate and enjoy Ontario’s own creations.”
The event will take place at the George Brown Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts on June 16. Prior to this date, on June 1, the awards for the winners will be presented at the Niagara on the Lake campus of Niagara College. According to the WiNETARIO web site, tickets are still available at the cost of $89 for two.
The third week in June has been proclaimed as Ontario Wine Week in line with the WiNETARIO celebrations and awards. The wine awards were established in 1995 by well-known wine connoisseur Tony Aspler.
“This is a full show which anyone in attendance will find fulfilling,” Bednarz concludes. “Wine lovers from across the province will be making their way down to Niagara and Toronto to take part in all the festivities and just have a good time sipping wine and learning about Ontario’s now rich wine culture.”
Cable Wine Systems plays its role in the exaltation of wine culture with its products. The company offers an award-winning wine storage product to help wine lovers enjoy their collections. For more information, visit www.CableWineSystems.com.

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