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For serious sommeliers and wine lovers, there is no limit to the ways in which wine can be enjoyed and integrated into their lifestyle. From adding sophisticated wine cellars in their homes to creating their very own wineries, wine connoisseurs have been finding impressive ways to demonstrate their love for wine and partake in their favourite hobby. Now, wine-themed hotels offer a novel twist, combining travel and wine into one luxurious experience.
Wine and travel have always been related. It is not uncommon to go on a wine tasting tour or sample the local wines while vacationing abroad. However, the hospitality industry is now providing an even more luxurious option for the connoisseur. Luxury wine hotels can offer wine tastings, hands-on classes, access to vintage collections, and proximity to local vineries, among other incredible features.

Combining Wine and Travel

For anyone with a serious interest in wine, wine-themed hotels can offer an exceptional luxury experience. There are wine-themed hotels that appeal to each type of wine collector, connoisseur and sommelier, no matter their preference or level of experience. For instance, for those who enjoy partaking in wine tours and visiting wineries, many hotels are situated in close proximity to wine counties. However, there are also many wine-themed hotels in traditional vacation destinations (such as in Cabo San Lucas), that allow patrons to enjoy wine tastings at the hotel while venturing out for other travel-related activities. Celebrity chefs, wine-making classes, and other wine attractions offer options for any type of wine lover.

Creates a Wine Country Experience

Wine lovers enjoy tasting and experiencing new types of wine. Luxury wine hotels can create a wine country experience for wine lovers, even in locales that are not close to wineries. Wine-themed hotels offer their own wine cellars, with vintage collections assembled and curated by some of the world’s top sommeliers. Many of the hotels also feature celebrity chefs, who oversee the dining experience and ensure luxurious meals are paired with the right wine selections. For hotels that are not situated around wineries, it is common for wine festivals and events to be hosted on the grounds, bringing “wine country” to the hotel.
luxury wine-themed hotels

Immerse Yourself in Different Wineries

The majority of wine-themed hotels are located in close proximity to wineries, providing a luxurious starting point for tours of wine country. Luxury hotels in Cape Town, Barcelona, Porto, and Bordeaux are in close travelling distance to wineries or wine-themed attractions. Some luxury hotels, like the Ellerman House, offer features which can enhance and add to tours of wineries. The hotel in Cape Town offers an interactive app that provides guests with information on nearby wineries, helping them plan their tour and choose the locations best suited for them.

Get a Luxury Hotel Experience

Wine-themed hotels aren’t only about wine tastings and gorgeous wine display racking—they are luxury destinations in their own right, with many other types of luxury features and additions that can make for unforgettable vacations. For instance, the Capella Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas includes plunge pools, a world-class spa, a private beach on the Pacific Ocean, and three dining venues run by a chef from Napa Valley’s famed French Laundry restaurant. Other luxury wine hotels offer contemporary art galleries, gorgeous themed rooms, and breathtaking scenic views. Wine-themed hotels are some of the most luxurious destinations, making for truly splendorous vacations.

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