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Contemporary Wine Display Racks in Monterey

Monterey is a culturally diverse and sophisticated city located on California’s central coast. It boasts of a profoundly artful history with the likes of Robert Louis Stevenson and John Steinbeck having spent some time there during their respective careers. It is also home to the longest running jazz festival in the world, The Monterey Jazz Festival, which began in 1958. Monterey is also well known for having historically beautiful and longstanding theatres such as The Wharf Theater. It is not surprising in the least that a city as vivacious and refined as Monterey has an insatiable thirst and appreciation for fine wines.

Wine Racking Systems—Modern Home Décor Accessories

Home to a very distinctive and high-class wine country, Monterey is full of residents who are chic and strive for the perfect balance between functionality and extravagance in their homes. Owning a beachfront property affords you the luxury of indulging in a rich, decadent glass of your favorite vintage on the verandah while admiring the ocean vista. To take that indulgence one step further, why not savour the flavours of classic wine you have been saving in your own personal collection? Therein lays the pleasure of owning your own custom contemporary wine display unit in the convenience of your Monterey home.
Depending on the general atmosphere of your living space, along with the location in your home you choose to construct a custom or pre-designed, state-of-the art wine bottle racking system, the possibilities for Monterey wine racks are endless. Floating wine displays will add a sense of modernism and artistry to your Monterey living space while metal wine racking will give it more of a minimalistic and creative vibe. On the other hand, a simple wire wine rack might be all you need to liven up your Monterey residence, letting the art on the bottles provide most of the imaginative ambience you aspire to achieve. Luxury wine racks in your Monterey home can help remove the guesswork of how to store your wine in a hot climate, and they can help you better organize your collection.
For high-quality and magnificently crafted wine racking systems that belong in every Monterey home, it is our pleasure to introduce Cable Wine Systems. We believe that we can offer our clients superior craftsmanship compared to our competitors for fair prices and we take great pride in our work.
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