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As a growing number of young people are showing an interest in collecting and prominently displaying their wine collections in their homes, floating wine racks are becoming increasingly popular decorative household fixtures—and for a good reason. Not only are they incredibly versatile, adaptable, and sleek; they’re also a stylish yet practical way of storing your wine. It doesn’t matter whether your intent is short- or long-term storage, this kind of luxury wine racking creates endless possibilities to comply with your aesthetic tastes and functional requirements.
floating wine racking

A Beautiful Way to Store Your Wine Bottles

Most residences and public places in Toronto are very space-limited, which means that property owners have to be extra creative when it comes to seamlessly integrating their custom cable wine racking systems into the design of their spaces.
When it comes to beautiful and innovative design, juxtaposition is imperative. Your wine display rack should easily blend into your décor while still maintaining its status as the main focal point in the room; it should also represent the excitement and sophistication of living in a city like Toronto. Whether you’re ageing your wine in a custom stainless steel wine cellar or prominently displaying it in your kitchen, dining room, or living room, it’s important to feel a sense of pride in your collection regardless of its size. Wine racking in Toronto is an art all its own, and how you choose to display your precious varietals reflects your own stylistic tastes and preferences.

A Stylish Design Makes a Big Difference

At the same time, the way you choose to display your wine reflects greatly on your intentions for your collection. Some wine lovers only keep small collections for short periods of time—either due to lack of storage space or lack of will power—and that’s perfectly fine. Not all wines are necessarily meant to be aged for many years; some are just purchased for immediate consumption.
Other wine lovers are the polar opposite. They take great pleasure and pride in the art of ageing their wines and allowing the tannins to flourish and develop vibrant notes of flavour over time. There’s nothing wrong with that either. As long as you have the right wine racking system in place, it doesn’t matter what your intentions are because they’re still feasible. One of the most significant attributes of wire wine racks in Toronto residences is their high adaptability and the fact that they don’t take up too much space. You can adjust them as you see fit. Whether you’re just starting your wine collection and planning on expanding it in the future or even if you’re planning on keeping it to a minimum, these stylish storage units are the right place to start or continue your wine collection.

Stainless Steel Floating Wine Racks from CABLE WINE SYSTEMS®

At CABLE WINE SYSTEMS®, our specialty is designing and creating beautiful, high-end floating wine racks that cater specifically to commercial and residential environments. Our innovative, stylish, and award-winning product—the CABLE WINE SYSTEM®—is singlehandedly designed to enhance, elevate, and complement the look and feel of every space in which it’s featured. To learn more about how the CABLE WINE SYSTEM® can revamp and add sophistication to the look of your space and your wine collection, please call us toll-free at 1-855-313-9463.

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