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Home renovations can often be challenging because it’s hard to determine exactly which additions and upgrades are worth your attention, time, and money. Oftentimes, homeowners are so concerned with upgrading their bathrooms and kitchens that they have very little time and resources left to worry about other parts of their homes. However, it’s important not to underestimate how much a customized wine cellar can add value and sophistication to your home.

Upscale Homes Attract Upscale Buyers

You might not currently be in the market to sell your home, but it’s always wise to keep your options open for the future. When renovating your home, even for your own personal use, it’s important to consider how your renovation plans could affect the resale value. Think carefully about whether the modifications and upgrades you’re making are actually increasing the value of your abode and how they’re improving livability. Also consider the types of potential buyers you’d want to attract in the future. Adding a state-of-the-art, stylish, and modern wine cellar to your home opens it up to a niche market of affluent potential buyers, which leads to the next point.
Young couples enjoying wine and drinks.

Wine Cellars Are in High Demand

Wine cellars are a huge trend in the real estate market right now because, to most people, they epitomize class, sophistication, and luxurious lifestyles. Accompanied by a beautifully decorated yet homogenized wine tasting room, wine cellars also make excellent entertainment spaces where you can impress your guests with your vast collection and extensive knowledge of fine wines. For wine collectors with an affinity for modern design and décor, stainless steel fixtures and refrigerators will complement your wine cellar perfectly.
It’s important to create a space that reflects your personal tastes while also having a certain mass appeal that others can also admire and appreciate. A proper wine cellar-wine room combination should always include equal parts form and functionality. Incorporating a stylish seating area complete with comfortable chairs and a table in your wine room will make the atmosphere much more enjoyable and sociable for your guests. You can also serve various cheeses and other hors d’oeuvres to pair with your specialty wines. If your wine cellar is on the lower level of your home and you don’t have a kitchenette handy, a dumbwaiter might prove to be useful in this capacity for easily transporting dishes and wine glasses upstairs rather than having to carry them up yourself. As long as your wine is properly stored in a temperature-controlled environment equipped with a luxury wine racking and storage unit, that’s what matters the most.

A Home Renovation Is the Best Time to Add a High-End Wine Cellar

Most people these days want nothing more than to be able to enjoy a good glass of wine in the comfort of their own home. If you happen to be a wine lover and you’re already planning on renovating your home, then it makes sense to hire a trusted and experienced contractor to build a custom wine cellar for your home if you don’t already have one. While you’re at it, you should also look into different storage units that are currently available. You’ll need something that’s adjustable, customizable, and versatile enough to hold a wide range of bottle sizes and accommodate your growing wine collection.
CABLE WINE SYSTEMS® has developed a revolutionary modern wine racking system that’s flexible in its ability to store different sized bottles. We specialize in fashioning luxury wine racks for your personal living space because our passion is to beautify the homes of our clients. We incorporate expert artisanship into all of our projects. See for yourself what the design, building, and architectural communities are raving about. For more information, contact us toll-free at 1-855-313-9463.

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