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Even though the culture has shifted so that entirely new generations of wine collectors are now stocking wine in their homes, there is still a somewhat traditional perspective around how to go about storing that wine. Many people still have this dated idea of wooden wine racks pushed against a wall in a basement.
Though there is nothing logistically wrong with what is a classic approach to storing wine, contemporary wine collectors are finding new and more innovative ways of displaying their bottles and they are not limiting themselves to basements anymore. Today’s oenophiles (wine connoisseurs) are leaning towards high quality, stainless steel metal wine racking to create visually appealing wine displays that serve as focal points in multiple locations throughout their homes.

Wine Racking Options

There are several options available for modern wine collectors looking to maintain the visual design they have established throughout their home. Even wooden racks don’t have to come in the traditional design we mentioned earlier. There are now many free-standing wooden wine racks that can be placed in different parts of the home. And while they would ideally be utilized to stock wine used more frequently, they are still an option that can add some flare to the kitchen or dining area of the home.

Benefits of Metal Wine Racks

Not to take away from traditional wooden wine racks, which have been almost synonymous with wine storage over the centuries, but there are now other options available. Metal wine racks offer equal levels of storage capacity with many added benefits.
Contemporary Wine Racking
The wine racking system from Cable Wine Systems Inc. maintains a high standard of quality and sophistication. We use high level stainless steel cables combined with chromed brass connecting clamps to create what is one of the finest wine racking systems currently on the market.
Versatility also plays a big role in the Cable Wine System. Wine collectors can feel confident they have a product that is functional enough to hold almost any sized bottle and flexible enough to hold even the largest of collections. Regardless of the number of bottles, Cable Wine Systems’ wine racks can be custom installed to satisfy any size specifications.
In addition, you never have to feel limited about where you can install the Cable Wine System wine rack. Of course you should keep in mind the necessary conditions for extended wine storage, such as avoiding bright areas and maintaining consistent temperatures, but the Cable Wine System can fit in to almost any part of the household, including corners, dining or living areas, and underneath staircases.
Wine collecting is becoming increasingly popular with this generation, but similar to the trends in other markets, today’s consumers want personalized options and the ability to customize a product to their tastes. The award-winning wine racking system from Cable Wine Systems accommodates this trend and takes it to new levels of quality and sophistication.
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