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The wine has grown to become more than just a drink: nowadays, it’s hard to imagine any sort of gathering without a bottle or two present. Ever since ancient times, the wine has played a key role in celebrations but in the past 10 years, the wine culture has evolved dramatically.

For today’s oenophiles, the wine experience extends above merely tasting it. Displaying your collection is a way to demonstrate social standing and sophistication and showcase your personal preferences and appreciation for good wine. Unsurprisingly, wine racks have also witnessed a somewhat dramatic evolution over the past few years.

Wine racking in the past

Simply put, a wine rack is a set of shelves that allow you to organize your wine storage. In the past, wood has always been the most popular option – the wine racks would be set against the walls in whichever room you would like to display your collection. Wood is very obtainable and easily workable but the aroma most types of wood give off can penetrate the wine through the cork. This can change and even ruin the flavor of the wine so, as the appreciation for wine grew stronger over the past years, oenophiles have been on the lookout for more suitable options.

Plastic is one of the contemporary materials that have been used for wine racking but even though it doesn’t affect the flavor of the wine, it lacks the aesthetics the wood racking offers. As wine cellars became increasingly popular, a new solution was introduced: metal, stainless steel, and cable wine racks. Although metal and stainless steel are not as easy to work with as wood, they tend to offer a greater variety. Most metals can be painted to match your décor and are ideal for short-term and long-term storage. What’s more, with metal, you can achieve more fluid and flowing shapes with complement the aesthetics of your wine cellar. Stainless steel wine racks are used not only for storage of wine but also as ornaments and may double as both racks and coolers, protecting your wine behind vacuum sealed, temperature-controlled glass doors.

Cable Wine Racking

One of the most curious and impressive innovations in the evolution of wine racking has been the introducing of cable racking. Many people feel that traditional storage methods are too confining for their wine collection. Stainless steel racking, are considered cutting-edge in the wine storage industry and are the best quality solution for your collection or cellar.

Cue cable wine racking: a state-of-the-art wine storage method perfect for those looking to showcase their collection and offer their guests a truly unique experience. They can be placed in a separate room – a dedicated tasting room so the experience doesn’t disrupt any of the conditions that contribute to the maturation of the wine.

The cable wine racking is a simple yet sophisticated approach to storing wine. Its minimalistic look has rightfully gained it a high-end, contemporary appeal, which quickly made it into one of the most sought-after designs for wine cellars, in both commercial and residential context.

Benefits of cable wine racking

This type of wine display is normally made from stainless steel – the perfect medium for high humidity environments. This contemporary look lends timeless elegance to your racking assembly, all while offering a number of benefits.

First of all, cable wine racking offers unmatched flexibility – you can position your bottles in different spots all around your home, something that traditional wine rack designs lack. The metal racks can be set in corners or used to create floating shelves. Most cable wine racks are fully customizable and you can partake in the design process to ensure they match not only the design of your wine cellar or interior décor of your home but also your personal preferences.

The cable wine racks can also accommodate any bottle shapes, sizes, and positions, and allow for extra visibility of the wine bottles. This, of course, means you can easily locate your bottles in any row or columns without having to move around or disturb the rest of the bottles in your collection.

Another benefit of the cable wine racking is the spacing between the individual bottles ensure there’s continuous air flow on all sides which maintains a consistent temperature – a key ingredient in the successful maturation of the wine.

An increasing number of wine appreciators are foregoing the traditional metal or wood wine racks in favor of the high-end, contemporary sleek look of the cable wine racks. As the wine experience evolves, so do wine storage and display options: the cable wine racking allows you to display your wine collection in a unique and aesthetically pleasing manner. Whether you opt in for a more traditional look or prefer to create the illusion of your bottles floating mid-air, this type of wine display is certain to compliment the interior décor of any room and grant you and your guests the opportunity for a one-of-a-kind wine connoisseur experience.

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