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You’ve taken the time to amass an enviable wine collection. Reds, whites, vintage, locally-made—every kind of wine you, your family, and your guests can and do enjoy. This is certainly something to be proud of, but now you’re tasked with finding specific bottles every time you want to serve. And if your collection is significant, this can become somewhat challenging if you don’t have a system in place. Organizing your wine rack may take a little time initially, but once you establish an efficient system, it will actually save you a ton of time when you’re looking for that perfect bottle. tips to display wine racks

How to Get Organized

There are obviously many ways for you to go about organizing your cellar. With that said, here are a few general steps to keep in mind:

Install Quality Wine Racking

A wide variety of wine racking systems available today, it’s important to consider the type of system that best fits with your home. There are several options and materials to choose from, including traditional wood, modern metal, acrylic and cable. In selecting which wine racking is best for you, keep in mind factors such as aesthetic appeal, label visibility and how many bottles the rack will be able to hold. A metal wine rack, such as the CABLE WINE SYSTEM®, which is made of tensioned stainless steel cables and chromed brass clamps, makes your wine bottles easier to spot without actually having to remove each bottle from the rack in order to locate the particular one you are looking for.

Implement a Logical System

Organizing your wine collection in a logical fashion makes it much easier to locate the bottle you’re looking for. Grouping bottles according to the grape (type of wine), vineyard, region or vintage are all good ways to make wine easier to find.

Keep a Mass Inventory List

You’ll need this if your collection is especially large. It’s unlikely you’ll remember every bottle in your collection, so keeping a record of your collection in or near your storage location, and another tucked away somewhere for safekeeping, is good practice. Use technology to your advantage here; there are a variety of apps available to help with tracking the inventory of your wine storage. VinoCellar, Corkz, and Hello Vino are some of the more popular ones for Apple and Android devices.

Do What Works for You

There are many tips and suggestions available on how to best organize a wine collection but you need to find a system that works best for you. Whether that’s putting the wines you consume most frequently closer to the entrance of your cellar or keeping all of the long term storage wines at the bottom of your racking, keeping an organized wine cellar is key in making sure that you make the most and best use of your collection. This ensures that valuable wines don’t get lost or forgotten amongst the rest of the bottles in your space.
Cable Wine System’s custom racking system is constructed piece by piece on site and can be found in some of the finer homes all over the world. For more information on how it can be catered to the tastes of any homeowner, visit our website.

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