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In today’s society, homeowners are expressing a growing interest in not only consuming wine, but also with collecting wines. More and more Millennials are choosing wine as their drink of choice and opting to install wine cellars in their homes. Having a wine collection is a show of appreciation for wine on a greater scale and allows you to collect—and store—various types of grapes, vintages and flavours. An important part of the wine collecting experience is installing a wine rack that reflects your home and decor style, and Cable Wine Systems Inc. offers one of the most versatile and attractive wine racking systems on the market.

Unique and Customizable

Many wine racks are either very traditional in style or come as a “one size fits all” system, built in a standard configuration or design regardless of your available space and decor. This is not the case with the Cable Wine System by Cable Wine Systems Inc. What Cable Wine Systems Inc. has brought to the market is a fully customizable wine racking system that is assembled piece by piece on site. This allows homeowners the flexibility to coordinate the decor of their homes with their wine racking needs. In an era where customers crave personalization, having this kind of design flexibility is crucial.
custom wine racking

DIY Not an Option

Installing the Cable Wine System custom wine racks is not meant to be a DIY job. It might seem like a simple enough project to tackle on your own, but it’s best to leave the installation to a professional who understands what is involved with preparing the space for such a sophisticated wine racking system. Properly installing and assembling the Cable Wine System takes skill and a solid understanding of sound structural principles related to safe and professional room construction. Cable Wine Systems Inc. encourages homeowners interested in purchasing the system to contact them directly for more information about the system and/or to be referred to the Cable Wine System dealer closest to them.

High Quality Design

The Cable Wine System custom wine racking system is made with the highest quality stainless steel cables and chromed brass clamps and tension mounts. The racking can hold anywhere from 10 to 10,000 bottles and its stunning aesthetic appeal makes it one of the most desired wine racking systems on the market. In fact, the Cable Wine System is shipped internationally and has been installed to different kinds of homes and establishments all over the world. Cable Wine Systems Inc. shares in your excitement and enthusiasm for wine and for wanting to show off your collection and the best way to accomplish that is to install a wine racking system that complements your home and reflects your personal sense of style.
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