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The present housing market is oversaturated with cookie-cutter structures, which is why so many affluent homeowners are either upgrading their current homes or purchasing new homes that feature all of the unique amenities they desire. Luxury homes are in higher demand than they have been in recent years, and with numerous innovative real estate trends on the horizon, there’s no reason why you can’t have it all.

6 Popular Ways to Uplift Your Home

Here are just some of the new lavish trends that are gaining momentum in today’s affluent real estate market.

Serene Green Living Spaces

There’s nothing more relaxing than having a beautifully crafted and decorated Zen room in which you can sit back and collect your thoughts or enjoy a good book. A neutral-toned space with a warm wood-burning fireplace and floor-to-wall windows that let in a lot of natural lighting creates a soothing, serene, and personal ambience.
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Wellness Centres

In recent years, many high-end condominium and housing complexes have introduced wellness centres as a way to appease their well-heeled residents. The premises include luxury home amenities such as sunrooms, indoor waterfalls, communal spas, swimming pools, workout rooms, and even hot tubs.

Home Mechanization

A very popular desire and growing trend in the luxury housing market is home mechanization or automation. Contemporary homebuyers want to be able to electronically control their luxury residences with mobile apps.

Upgraded Swimming Pools

Nothing signifies a luxurious lifestyle quite like having a state-of-the-art, modish infinity pool either in your backyard or in an outhouse attached to your home. This is truly living the dream.

Enviable Bathrooms

Every aspect of your home should be shrouded in excess, even the most private areas. Large bathrooms complete with double vanities; large, glass-door showers; and contemporary toilets are all the rage right now for many high-flying homebuyers.

Luxury Wine Cellars to Enhance Your Opulent Living Space

Custom, modern wine cellars and wine tasting rooms are huge selling points for many present-day homebuyers with posh tastes. Wine rooms are no longer relegated to dimly lit, dank underground structures that are infrequently visited. Nowadays, many wine lovers want to bask in their wine collections as often as possible by cleverly integrating their wine cellars into the very heart of their living space.
Creating custom wine storage spaces to either prominently or tactfully display and store wine collections is a massively growing trend. In addition, investing in adjustable and flexible wine racking options allows homeowners to get optimal use out of their wine storage spaces and continue to expand their collections over time.

Modern, Stylish Wine Racks from Cable Wine Systems

CABLE WINE SYSTEMS® has developed a revolutionary modern wine racking system that is flexible in its ability to store different sized bottles. We specialize in fashioning luxury wine racks for your personal living space because our passion is to beautify the homes of our clients. See for yourself what the design, building, and architectural communities are raving about. For more information, contact us toll-free at 1-855-313-9463.

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